A Line in the Sand

The purpose of these pages is to effect the overthrow of the current ruling class and to LIBERATE the American government, and the American People, from its clutches.

The current United States government is owned and operated by the special interests of Wall Street, and by Wall Street's allies overseas from London to Beijing.

These pages are based on the assumption that the government is controlled by the Corporate State and that this State is fascistic in its methods and sophisticated in its PR.

Washington D.C. is in a FOG. It is a Fascist Occupied Government that now exists there to serve the wealthiest 10% of the population, which owns 90% of the wealth.

The FOG has abdicated its responsibility to serve the American People as a whole and instead works for those with political connections, connections born of wealth and privilege.

The FOG is acting un-Constitutionally in that it has reneged on its sacred promise to a Free People, contained in the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

This FOG serves Wall Street by ignoring its proper mandate of serving the AMERICAN People by instead taking the leading role in the REDISTRIBUTION of America's wealth FROM her People TO Wall Street and to the ruling classes of foreign countries, many of which are brutal, blood soaked dictatorships that oppress and murder their own Peoples.

This REDISTRIBUTION of America's wealth is profitable to Wall Street but injurious to everyone else. It is especially profitable to the FOG politicians who gain power from the contributions of Wall Street and then continue to serve Wall Street by creating "laws" for its benefit.

This REDISTRIBUTION of America's wealth is a DIRECT ATTACK on the American People and American sovereignty and American prosperity by the Washington/Wall Street Axis. We the People have every Right to oppose it and to oppose it with violence, if necessary.

This Right to violently overthrow the Washington/Wall Street Axis is contained in Natural Law and expressed quite well in the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence says, clearly, that whenever ANY government abuses the Right of the People to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, it is the Right and Duty of the People to alter or abolish that government and start a new one.

In the current instant We the People already have a wonderfully capable FORM of government under the Constitution and Bill of Rights that does not NEED to be overthrown, but merely LIBERATED from the FOG and the pernicious influence of Wall Street.

Under this REVOLUTION We the People will still enjoy the same type of government, but one that is OF, BY and FOR the People, as promised in the Preamble. If any redistribution of our wealth were to occur it will be FROM the 10% TO the 90%. American wealth will be invested in America FOR the American People.

If there is to be violence during this Revolution this violence will be precipitated by the annulment of POSSE COMITATUS, the law that forbids the use of regular military troops against civilians. (Any government that NEEDS to call out the Army against its People has already lost its legitimacy.)

Another possible source of violence will occur after a general economic collapse when, under the laws of the FOG, We the People will lose virtually everything we have to Wall Street and foreign banks. This is the Big Fish theory. With the general economic collapse most Americans will be left with many more debts than assets.

The collapse will cause most capital to evaporate, (an asset is only worth what people are willing to pay for it and when there is little cash around the value of all assets will plunge,) but the PAPER remains. Americans will be legally obligated to pay off their debts or declare personal bankruptcy. When they become unemployed they will lose their homes because the banks will foreclose on their mortgages.

Under the Big Fish theory, the smaller, local banks will bear the brunt of the collapse as their local customers, individuals, small businessmen and farmers, are the most exposed to the economic storms now on the horizon. These banks will collapse and under the laws of the FOG will be taken over by larger banks assigned by the FOG and THOSE banks will then also collapse until just a few foreign and domestic behemoths will LEGALLY own most of the property of America, from our factories to our office buildings to our homes to our farms (ESPECIALLY our farms,) and there is not a damn thing We the People can do about it.

Except REVOLUTION. ONLY with REVOLUTION can We the People overthrow the FOG laws that allow this legalized REDISTRIBUTION of virtually all private property in America to the control of the Big Banks. America is in danger of becoming the only Nation in history to be conquered by hostile forces using not guns but our own laws and debts against us. The Big Fish will gobble up our property and then, perhaps, ALLOW us to stay in our homes if we pay rent and follow their instructions without a whimper.

This REVOLUTION will CANCEL ALL DEBT. Not a single, innocent, American will lose a thing. Under this REVOLUTION all debt will be forgiven. (Universal debt forgiveness) Any debt that any American owes will be cancelled and he will legally own his own life free and clear. All mortgages and business loans, all auto loans and college loans and consumer and credit card debt will be gone! Everyone will OWN what he has.

Universal debt forgiveness is the goal of this REVOLUTION and will be achieved even if the REVOLUTION occurs before the general economic collapse. (The Goldstein Suggestion) The ONLY way to bring prosperity back to the American People is to eliminate all debt and start afresh from square one of a level and square playing field freed from the machinations of the Washington/Wall Street Axis.

If, however, the Big Fish and the FOG try to take our property and sell out our sovereignty to foreign powers, we must not shirk our God-given Right to REVOLUTION. We Americans have always been willing to fight for what we believe in and to die for what we believe in. If we are to save America from her enemies both foreign and domestic, we must also be willing to KILL for what we believe. This is the American Way, one of our traditional values, that first blossomed on April 19, 1775.