Blueprint for Revolution

We Americans are currently engaged in the process of withdrawing our consent to be governed. At most elections, more than 50% of the eligible voters no longer come out and demonstrate their trust in government by casting their ballot for democracy. They no longer have faith and confidence in the current corrupt political system. People who live in obviously authoritarian countries have long been known to escape the system by "voting with their feet." Americans, feeling powerless and cowed by vast mysterious forces, have become sullen and vote with their feet by not voting. They refuse to participate in a process they feel legitimizes an obviously corrupt government that unabashedly sides with the wealthy and politically connected. Today, most Americans love their country, but fear their government.

Revolution in the defense of liberty is no crime. The Constitution is meant to protect the People from their government. The ultimate Power of the People, under the Constitution, rests with the States. The founders envisioned the possibility of a too powerful central government arising under which the system of checks and balances would break down, so they left us an escape clause. The Framers of the Constitution left a gigantic loophole that the People, in the form of their elected State Representatives, could use to bypass the central government when that government failed to deliver, on the promises of the Preamble, its sacred contract with a Free People.

The States can call for a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution, get around Congressional gridlock, and do whatever is necessary to save America. The ultimate Power, the Power of Revolution, resides with the States (far closer to the People than Washington) and there is not a thing the federal government can do to stop it. The Congress, the Executive and the Judiciary must respectfully adhere to the decisions of the States, when those States, after gathering in a Second Constitutional Convention, have ratified five new Constitutional Amendments that, taken together, form the new revolution. The Power to do this, under Article V, is absolute. The RIGHT to Revolution is stated in the Declaration of Independence, blessed by the Creator, and the POWER for the Revolution is in the Constitution's Article V, the amending article: "...on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, (Congress) shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which...shall be valid...when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States..." Worded correctly, such application can freeze out Congress from participating in the Convention and reserve all Power there to the States.

This Power goes beyond the traditional checks and balances; it goes to the Right of Revolution. A Revolution that asserts the Power of the States, under Article V, to do an end run around Congress via a Second Constitutional Convention, can sweep away the corruption and economic stagnation in one fell swoop and reassert the primacy of the people. Nothing already in the Constitution will be changed under this plan, but five Revolutionary Constitutional Amendments (RCA's) will bring back the liberty and prosperity of Jeffersonian democracy.

When ratified, the five Revolutionary Constitutional Amendments will IMMEDIATELY eliminate the corruption, solve our economic problems and ensure that similar problems will not plague us again in the future. The five Revolutionary Constitutional Amendments are:


A Revolution to solve our problems is both our RIGHT and within our POWER. It can and will be accomplished peacefully and legally (Constitutionally). We are living in an era of MORAL REVOLUTION. Most of the recent Revolutions in Europe have been non-violent. One was so peaceful it was called "Velvet," and the only violence in the Revolution in East Germany happened when the People tore down the Berlin Wall with their bare hands. Why should only the Europeans get to rid themselves of corrupt and inefficient governments? We Americans have one here that needs the same treatment and we have the ways and the means and the will to do it.

The Revolution will be accomplished with the ratification of the five RCAs after the Constitutional Convention sends them back to the States for debate and ratification vote. The First and Second RCAs are the heavy-duty ones, the workhorses that will bring true free market prosperity back to America. While there is nothing wrong with the current Constitution, recent decades have witnessed an ever greater concentration of wealth and power in the Washington/Wall Street Axis, in direct violation of the Spirit of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and to the detriment of the economic and political well-being of the vast majority of American taxpayers. The government no longer provides the greatest good for the greatest number, but rather a greater good for a lesser, but politically connected number. This Revolution will assure that wealth and power are again spread evenly across our great Country.

The first thing to do is DISSOLVE CONGRESS, to permanently separate these puppets of the special interests from the levers of power. Congress is the problem and will never be a solution until We the People have new and honest Representatives in Washington. After the Constitutional Convention passes the five RCAs and the 38th State ratifies them, the current Congress will be dissolved and replaced with a new Congress composed of State Legislators who are already elected Representatives of the People. Until the next regularly scheduled election (in 1996) the People will be represented in Washington by members of their State Legislatures who will have chosen from their numbers the new House and Senate delegations as well as the new Executive and Federal Judiciary. The Amendment to dissolve Congress will include a clause forbidding anyone who has ever served in Congress, the Federal Judiciary or cabinet level Executive positions from ever again holding any elected or appointed government position. Cleaning house in this manner will eliminate not only the actual grotesque corruption, but also the corruption of the blind eye, those who are aware but choose to get along by going along. The Legislators who replace the Congress will be subject to re-election in 1996 and so will endeavor to remember that they got there through a middle class Revolution, and that is who they must always serve. History will show that concentrated wealth and power as it is now practiced in Washington only corrupts and opens the door to Revolution. The new Congress will be extra careful to be truly democratic.

The second RCA is UNIVERSAL DEBT FORGIVENESS, which, just as its name implies, will eliminate ALL debt from the American economy. The current National Debt, run up by generations of corrupt Congresses, is a pure dead weight that is dragging us all down and dissipating our once great National prosperity. We will never again be prosperous until we rid ourselves of the massive permanent debt that has been imposed on us and future generations by the special interests. The ONLY way to do this is to legislate it out of existence, out of our collective economic lives, and we can ONLY do so with a Constitutional Convention called for with the expressed purpose of forgiving ALL debts in one fell swoop. Not only will the National Debt be dissolved, but so too will ALL other (local and State) government debts, ALL business debts, and ALL personal debts including mortgages, student and auto loans, and credit card bills. Everyone will own what they've got, free and clear. We will have a new society of the free and easy. With this Revolution we will all be immediately and legally free from ALL debt, and thus Free to rebuild our economy in the proper manner, a manner that will guarantee prosperity and social justice to all our citizens.

The actual Constitutional justification for UNIVERSAL DEBT FORGIVENESS occurs in the takings clause of the Fifth Amendment. The power to tax has always been the power to destroy and the power to inflate has always been the power to use a hidden, undemocratic tax to destroy the middle class and small business. If people are too squeamish at the idea of simply declaring all debt null and void (as happened in 1776), the takings clause is well suited to this Revolutionary end. The new government, just prior to legislating the Federal Reserve out of existence, can massively inflate the money supply and then buy up all debt held by all the banks. And what's the fair market value of debt? Just like with everything else, it's what people are willing to pay for it. Condemning all debt for public use will humble those who have profited at the expense of the middle class. Americans have lost much of their wealth and economic well-being these past 23 years through government-sponsored inflation, but with the Revolution the People will get it back.

The Third and Fourth RCAs are simple and straightforward and already enjoy the backing of most Americans. The BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT will assure that the same specter of a National Debt will never again haunt the American People. The LINE ITEM VETO AMENDMENT will give the Executive the much-needed Power to discipline Congress and individual members of Congress. The proper role of the Executive is to always see the big picture and make sure all Americans are treated equally without regard to their ability to raise funds for politicians.

The HUMAN LIFE AMENDMENT will remove the power of the State to take a life, or sanction the taking of any life. It will abolish ALL abortion (except in ectopic pregnancies), ALL capital punishment, ALL euthanasia and ALL assisted suicide. And the HUMAN LIFE AMENDMENT will mandate a new style of warfare that will probably make warfare (at least how Americans experience it) obsolete. The new war style will be simple, effective and so inexpensive, the budgetary savings alone can be converted to rebuilding America's economic infrastructure and assuring full employment. And we will not lose one iota of our National Security.

The kind of advanced technological weaponry we now have eliminates the need for ground warfare altogether, and with it the need to subject American servicemen and -women to death and injury. A clause in the HUMAN LIFE AMENDMENT will instruct the Executive and Joint Chiefs to conclude any war as expeditiously as possible through the use of advanced weapons such as the Stealth bomber (and Stealth air refueling tanker), smart bombs, cruise missiles and (possibly) an enhanced radiation device. Since in any war it is not the average enemy foot-soldier who is causing our discomfort, but the political, economic and military elite of the enemy nation, the HUMAN LIFE AMENDMENT will save as many lives as possible (theirs as well as ours) by making the leadership (and only the leadership) of the enemy the target of our advanced weaponry. We can destroy the enemy's ability to aggress by literally decapitating their leadership, or by making it so hot they will never emerge from their bunkers. By going after the HEAD of the enemy rather than his BODY, we eliminate the need for ground forces. Our own leadership is impervious to such an assault, so we'll be playing our strength against their weakness, always a winning strategy. By going for the jugular we will avoid costly wars of attrition against over-populated third world countries.

Once it becomes known that our new war policy is to go after the enemy's elite in his homes and workplaces, few nations will choose to interfere with our interests. Bypassing the middleman, the soldier in the field, will save innocent lives as well as vast amounts of the standard and quality of life of all Americans. If we're going to be stuck with high technology, we should at least make it pay off in terms of ending war and saving lives and money.

But the primary benefit of the Revolution will be on domestic economics. Shucking our debt burden will immediately free up vast amounts of new capital and taxes to use in rebuilding our entire economic infrastructure. The moneys now used to service debt will be directed to other practical uses such as tax reduction, education, increasing the minimum wage, health care and research (since nearly 40% of each health care dollar goes to service the debts of physicians and hospitals, 40% of health care costs will be eliminated right off the top), building new housing, roads, etc., switching to cleaner, renewable energy such as ethanol-fueled electric power plants, electric cars and solar-voltaic homes, and the elimination of poverty (and the welfare bureaucracy) through the implementation of ideas such as Dr. Milton Friedman's negative income tax. With all people lifted out of the stress of poverty there will be less crime and despair, and the vast amounts of capital liberated by UNIVERSAL DEBT FORGIVENESS will achieve full employment and prosperity for ALL Americans. The proper function of government is to ensure the greatest good for the greatest number (a kind of social Laffer Curve), and to plan for all possible futures. For example, a National "better-safe-than-sorry" policy will anticipate and head off possible problems long before they have a chance to do any real harm to America. As Calvin Coolidge said: "If you see ten problems coming down the road at you, you can be sure that nine of them will run themselves into the ditch before they get to you." It is the tenth we have to watch for. The worst imaginable problem is a climate change that will affect American agriculture. If we lose much arable land due to a mini ice age, Americans will learn what hunger is. Africans already known what hunger is, but only 20% of arable land in Africa is currently under the plow. If we can increase this to 25%, Africa will feed herself, and any increase beyond that will help make Africa a food exporter. If we lost much arable land in temperate Northern climes, then Africa's warmer clime will help make it the world's breadbasket. (We can't sacrifice the Amazon rain forest for this.) Let's hope that problem will run itself into a ditch, but if it doesn't (and there is no way of telling now), preparing can do no harm, only good. The development of African agriculture should be a priority of post-Revolution foreign policy, and America has unique human resources to help develop Africa and create long-term friendships with the African People.

The revival of a labor-intensive American economy will be the primary domestic policy. Going whole hog into domestic economic revitalization will stimulate the economy to everyone's benefit, and abolishing the Federal Reserve and placing it with a gold- backed non-profit People's cooperative National Bank will maintain a mild post-Revolution deflation and prevent the reconcentration of wealth and power again in a few well-connected hands. Everyone will have a fair share, and no one will be able to use his wealth and political connections to grab a larger share. Moderation in everyday life is a virtue. People will advance economically solely on their merit and willingness to work hard. John Locke hit the nail on the head with his assertion: "As much as anyone can make use of to any advantage in life before it spoils, so much he may by his labor fix a property in; whatever is beyond this, is more than his share, and belongs to others. Nothing was made by God for man to spoil or destroy." Americans will be prosperous to a point short of gluttony.

A second Constitutional Convention is unprecedented. There is no case law whatsoever. Therefore, everything that happens in this endeavor will be precedent SETTING, and there is nothing, no legal sleight of hand, the politicians or judges or special interests can do to stop the Revolution. If there is anything Article V doesn't cover, the Tenth Amendment will. Since the expressed purpose of the Second Constitutional Convention is to bypass Congress to adopt the five RCAs, only those State Legislators who vote FOR the Convention will attend as delegates. No one who is not already an elected Representative of the People can attend. Even if a State rejects the call, its affirming Legislators can still attend. The logical locale for the Convention is Philadelphia, and all matters of procedure will there be decided. After the five RCAs are written and signed, the Revolutionary package will return to the States for final ratification. The day the 38th State ratifies will be our Second Independence Day. Congress will be dissolved and the new Congress will take its place. ONLY those few thousand Washington veterans will be deprived, like felons, of the right to participate in the new political process. Someone like Hillary Clinton who has never held a high Washington post, for example, can run for any office, but Bill Clinton will be out on his ear.

The delegates to the Constitutional Convention will debate and decide which of two UNIVERSAL DEBT FORGIVENESS plans to adopt. Plan A will eliminate all debt but leave virtually everything else undisturbed, much like a magician pulling the tablecloth of debt from a full dinner table. Plan Z will eliminate all debt but also pass ownership of all publicly traded firms to g giant mutual trust fund for ALL the American People. All corporations that can be dismantled, such as mega-farms and restaurant chains, will be sold off in manageable bits to small businessmen and labor groups so they may operate for the benefit of the "little guy" and the local community, with NO profits going to Wall Street. It's bad enough that so much of our income goes down the Washington rat hole in the form of taxes, but why should individuals and communities pay a secret, hidden tax to Wall Street for the "privilege" of supporting the local branch of a huge, bureaucratic, multi-national corporation? Today, a certain percentage of every dollar earned in a local community by big business goes to overly rich people on Wall Street, never again to be seen by the community. Today, through this secret "tax," wealth is continuously redistributed from local communities and local businessmen, workers and consumers to large corporations and greedy executives. Small businessmen go bust and lose their financial independence, and if we don't have a Revolution soon, the point will be reached that everyone will be a corporate employee, an interchangeable (and expandable) cog in the corporation machine, a mindless flesh-and-blood appendage, TRAINED (not educated) to serve the system. The Washington/Wall Street Axis has turned the American Dream into a game of musical chairs. The Revolution will assure that when the music stops, the ONLY one left standing will be the Axis. After the Revolution, the publicly owned corporations that cannot be "downsized" to the local level will remain just that, "publicly owned," an American mutual fund with executives held to a strict and reasonable salary of, say, $104,000 per year. All the dividends (profits) of this mutual fund will be distributed evenly every April 15th to all American registered voters who voted in the previous election. Also, for those Americans who have no canceled mortgages (renters, residents of public housing, and the homeless), vouchers will be issued for new housing (appropriate to their circumstances), and a rolling renewal of our housing stock will give all Americans by 1999 their own personal castle (but no one will wear a crown). Every adult will then have a personal stake in society and, thus, stability in his personal life. It will be up to the Convention to decide which UNIVERSAL DEBT FORGIVENESS plan to adopt. The coming election for State Legislature will help decide that issue.

UNIVERSAL DEBT FORGIVENESS Plan Z is an idea infused with the wisdom of Solon, an idea whose time has come, big time. With all Americans permanently financially secure with their private property, many more families will remain intact since financial problems are the number one cause of family break-ups. The full employment engendered by debt forgiveness and the rebuilding of our economy will make everyone at least middle class and massively cut back the size of government. American will enter a period of permanent prosperity unparalleled any time or any place in history. With a little gumption we can accomplish this quickly, legally, and peacefully. And only the Washington/Wall Street Axis loses anything. ALL other Americans benefit. It's now OUR turn, for a change.

The Revolution assures that American Democracy will always rest on a firm and level Foundation. All Americans will be treated fair and square. Our Country will again enjoy prosperity and justice based on the Four Pillars of Democracy:

- Individual Rights
- Family Values
- Private Property
- Limited Government.

FOOTNOTE: On the Need to Dismantle the Corporate State

Adam Smith held that the essence and success of capitalism is in the THRIFT of its participants. Smith's ideal was a nation of shopkeepers, not a nation of corporate executives and international financiers. America, founded the same year as the publication of "The Wealth of Nations," took Smith's philosophy to heart and tried to develop a genuinely classless society based on the idea of small-scale capitalism, of each individual taking care of himself and his family, and by extension his community, with all the communities then forming into a Nation of common purpose. There was little need for government interference because enlightened self interest under small scale capitalism allowed a system of mutual benefit to evolve naturally. In this manner the traditional American way of life came into existence long before the rise of the corporate state. Indeed, corporations didn't even get their real impetus until the railroad building days, long after the Presidencies of Jefferson and Madison. These gentlemen based their politics on the assumption that the average citizen COULD be trusted while the government COULDN'T. Jefferson foresaw a Nation of shopkeepers and farmers, artisans and tradesmen, with no great accumulation of wealth and power. It was the rise of corporations that caused the break with the Jeffersonian Ideal along with the ensuing corruption of government as the corporate elite, using their concentrated wealth, bought up the professional politicians. Even the original laws governing corporations fell by the wayside. Those laws, written by skeptics, demanded that ownership and
management of corporations be kept separate. That is, owners would hire managers to run the day-to-day operations, but were forbidden from doing so themselves; managers would run the company receiving only a salary, with no actual stake in it. In that way, legislators believed, corporations would remain honest and not be a threat to the average American and the traditional American way of life, of rugged individualism. Today, of course, ownership and management are indistinguishable, a direct violation of the spirit and letter of corporate law, and a chief cause of the decline of pure capitalism.

Americans needn't be forced to submit to this anti- Jeffersonian system. The old way of small independent businesses and limited government worked fine for the vast majority of ordinary democratic Americans. But the slow, steady accumulation of wealth and power by the denizens of the corporate state ruined it for all Americans except the few at or near the top. A few generations ago the average kid finished high school with the intention of working hard and saving for his own business where he could excel to the best of his ability. But today, because capital and the economy have been co-opted for the corporate state, the graduate merely hopes for a dead-end job as a manager of a McDonald's or some other corporate entity. The thrift of Smith's capitalism has been supplanted by the credit-driven consumer culture where people "voluntarily" enslave themselves with debt and fall under the control of huge, unfeeling institutions of modern capital. Limited government works best with small scale capitalism, but if you twist the true capitalist spirit into huge corporations you get, as part of the package, a huge and hugely corrupt government. As the institutions of capitalism grow ever larger they shed their previous friendliness to the average small scale entrepreneur. Due to the alliance between big banks and corporations, scarce capital gravitates to the "sure thing," to the connected "players" of Wall Street, like Michael Milken, while small businesses go bust. Competition is no longer an aspect of modern capitalism. When once businesses competed on the basis of quality and price, in today's corporate state the only competition is in mass advertising. Profits go to the corporation that can advertise its product in the snazziest way, the most memorable TV commercial, the catchiest jingle, the most eye-catching box on the shelf. Small business can't break into this new system even if it can produce a better product at a lesser price. Thus consumers are given a "choice" that is no choice at all.

The bigger the government, the more big business thrives. When the government imposes a new regulation, with all the attendant paperwork, it's just water off a duck's back to the large corporation, but is often the kiss of death to a small business that just cannot afford the added expense. Corporate lobbyists see the destruction of small businesses as just part of their job. Jeffersonian Democratic Capitalism permitted the ordinary individual to thrive independently of large organizations and institutions, but the corporate state has the opposite effect. Independent businessmen and entrepreneurs, through no fault of their own, but at the insistence of the Washington/Wall Street Axis, are being squeezed out of economic existence, all for the power and profit of the wealthy. Large, corrupt government has allowed the corporate state to become TOO efficient, oiled to the point of spinning its wheels, getting nowhere fast while shedding jobs left and right, just so the few can get even richer. We need to gear down and get some traction again. Capital is wasted on all these mega-deals and mergers that produce nothing but paper profits and more money and power for the greedy executives in charge of their corporate cookie jar, skimming millions for their own personal (and legally protected) use. Nowadays, a young executive gets ahead by figuring out how to SAVE (not MAKE) money for his corporation. He shows that closing a factory in Michigan and reopening it in Mexico will save millions, so he is rewarded with a promotion and a big raise and bonus. He goes home and tells his wife, "Gee, honey, I closed a factory in Michigan today and put a hundred people out of work." The wife, wise to the ways of the corporate state, gushes: "Good! Now we can afford that vacation home in Aspen." Such selfish, greedy thinking is un-American because it harms the many to enrich the few. People get rich today simply because they know how to bribe the crooked Congressmen to pass laws that will benefit their company. American needs to get its priorities straight again. When too many are harmed, when the greed and the misery it brings becomes intolerable, Revolution happens.

The Washington/Wall Street Axis boasts they're a part of a "global economy," a "new world order." But that's just a diplomatic way of saying "TREASON." Any American who would put the interests of foreigners, foreign executives, foreign bankers, foreign workers, and foreign governments ahead of the interests of the American People must be removed from all power and influence. The American government must always place the American citizen and taxpayer first and foremost.

Today's economy is held together with string and chewing gum, smoke and mirrors, spin doctors and apologists. The financial elite are feverishly hoping for an end to all the economic catastrophes that they have unleashed these last years, but they know all their desperate maneuverings and lies are merely postponing the day of reckoning. Today's Washington/Wall Street Axis is the kind of business climate so ably satirized by Ayn Rand. It's all coming down. Forget about the apex; we must rebuild our economic base. Why worry about competing with dozens of other developed countries for a piece of an emerging economy when we have an untapped market of 40,000,000 right here under our feet? If we turn our population now living in poverty into middle class workers and consumers and let the rest of the world divvy up South China, we'll have solid prosperity right here between our two oceans. Americans will help Americans who help Americans, and we'll ALL come out ahead. The Revolution will usher in a system where personal connections are laughed at and wealth will count for less than individual merit and hard work. The work ethic is one of America's most important traditional values, but its fall has coincided with the rise of the corporate state. Equality of opportunity cannot succeed in the current corporate state that demands conformity and unthinking obedience to an undemocratic hierarchy. Corporate employees today are changing from individualistic Americans into something like the worker ants of the Japanese ant hill. They put their loyalty to the corporation ahead of their own family. They're constantly in contact with the office via beepers, car phones, and computers, existing under the illusion they are VIPs, and are expected to drop their personal lives to serve the corporation. They have been convinced that simply because they are surrounded with luxuries (bought on credit) they are leading fulfilling lives. But keeping up with the Joneses (or is it the Tanakas now?) only harms the children, the families, the fabric of traditional American society. Time is the essence of life, not toys. The corporate state has brought a gross distortion of the basic purpose of life. We must work to live, NOT live to work. An independent businessman can put his feet up anytime, he can hang with his kids at his discretion. That's the freedom of true capitalism.

The family is the future. Women are the guardians of the future, but if they are forced to work outside the home just so the family can afford a lifestyle once enjoyed normally before the rise of the corporate state, the prospects for our future will never improve. Shunting the kids off to day care so the wife can slave so the family can afford to buy what it used to on a single income is NOT an improvement in American life. Encouraging women to do so is just the propaganda of the corporate state. We need to get back to traditional values. We need to remember that raising a child for 18 or 20 years is the single highest and most vital Art form of humanity. Shaping a human personality and nurturing its body and soul is a full-time Art (usually) done best by the mother and her maternal instincts. A woman who chooses, or who is forced into putting a career ahead of her family, is being denied her most basic and important creative outlet. Neglecting a child in order to keep up with the Joneses limits the future of humanity by stunting the child's individuality. It becomes apparent to the child that impressing the neighbors is more important than developing one's own character, and that the opinions of others takes precedent over one's family. The rich, of course, still get to practice traditional family values because they reserved for themselves the money and power to do so. America is evolving into two societies, the rich, and those who serve the rich. If we continue to try to make women more like men we only hasten the decline of the civilization. We need to remember whom Nature's God chose to give birth to the future, recognize that physical strength is no longer the key for the exercise of power, and endeavor to be idealistic and make men more like women. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so feminists today unintentionally manage to make the male consciousness seem more desirable (because it is so visible and powerful). This only encourages men to continue to act like men and women to warp their true spirit. The Revolution will help bring in a more feminine, equitable, Jungian, horizontal society, gentle and nurturing, with cooperation and compassion replacing competition and confrontation. The true feminist knows just how to accentuate the positive, compromise, and see below the surface to an individual's true character, while ignoring the hype.

With the Revolution, labor and small business together will remake the Nation. Small business and labor no longer need be adversaries. The triumph of the corporate state has damaged both, fatally so if we don't unite in common purpose against our common oppressor. These two "wings" have actually become compatible in their need to work together in mutual benefit against Wall Street and its minions in Washington. As two eyes make one in sight, the Revolution will join small business and labor permanently at the heart. Such an alliance will be an irresistible Revolutionary powerhouse. The strength of these two "arms" united is like that sung about by Tennessee Ernie Ford: "One fist of iron, the other of steel." Uniting this way in Revolution will keep the monsters from Maple Street. Saving Main Street will save the American culture and the traditions that made us great and kept us free. The "American Experiment" of the 19th Century, anchored by the wise counsel of President Washington to "steer clear of entangling foreign alliances" was judiciously updated by President Eisenhower with his warning about the "military-industrial complex." But today we have been saddled with the "American Century," which simply means allowing foreign lands to leech off America, and sending American servicemen to die to solve the problems of the Old World which, after staring the American reality in the face for 200 years, still refuses to acknowledge Jeffersonian Democracy and small scale capitalism as the highest political form in history. When the economy is free of the pirates of commerce, we'll know the meek have finally inherited the earth.