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Jeremy Bentham, a leading British proponent of political and economic reform, pointed out in his "Handbook of Political Fallacies" that there are four major types of logical fallacies used by the opponents of reform.

These are:

The Fallacy of Authority, in which obstructionists try to convince reformers and the public that if those already in power, (authority,) are against the reform, it couldn't possibly be good.

The Fallacy of Danger, in which alarms are raised that following such a course of reform would result in untold danger to the state, the state being the entrenched special interests already in power, but made to sound like the country at large.

The Fallacy of Delay, in which authority, having failed to stop the proposed reform with the first two fallacies, attempts to filibuster or otherwise get the proposed reform off track, and out of the public mind.

The Fallacy of Confusion, in which the reform at issue is endlessly amended and intentionally made obscure to distract and mystify the public and disorient those who want to achieve the reform, to make a manifestly good and intelligent reform legislation appear nonsensical.

(We even see a variant of this Fallacy of Confusion operating in the Courtrooms of our nation every day. A juror can easily tell which side has the stronger case simply by observing the "body language of logic" used by the opposing lawyers, especially when one lawyer chooses to present his case in as simple and direct a manner as possible while his opponent tries to confuse the jurors with endless digression, inaccuracies of fact and sheer emotion. The lawyer's job is to do one of two things: to clarify or to obscure. The juror's job is to be open to reason and alert to any attempt to poison his mind.)

Bentham compiled a book about these fallacies two hundred years ago yet these fallacies are still as fresh, and misleading, as today's political news. We never see anything in print or online, nor do we hear anything from the talking heads, that attempts to reveal to the public just what a fallacy is, or does. (It probably has something to do with our ever decreasing attention spans.) The more things "change," the more they stay the same.

Schools today prefer to teach young people how to operate a computer and obediently accept what they are told, than to actually educate them to recognize and deal with fallacies against common sense and to think critically and independently. This is just what the Corporate State wants to help it consolidate its illegitimate power over us. This is why the rich want to reduce taxation which would normally be used improve the public school system. If we can't think properly, we can't successfully fight them. For the Corporate State, our ignorance is their strength.

Revolution Solution, however, will endeavor to keep tabs on current eruptions of these and various other fallacies in the speeches, writings and interviews of politicians, writers and talking heads.

Revolution Solution would like to achieve a culture of open minded skepticism for America and the world in which people are exposed to examples of political fallacies, educated as to their forms and intended results, and thus inoculated against their pernicious effects. Revolution Solution believes this is an important method to both protect and advance the cause of Liberty.

We will need to hire experts to track down and expose these attacks on reason.

We will need to create avenues to expose these irrational misdeeds of the Corporate State lackeys who are willing to say and do anything to keep the Corporate State in power. This takes money.

Another fallacy we see quite often is the one called an "ad hominem" attack. This occurs when a position taken by an individual or organization is cogent and therefore rationally unassailable, so the opponent attempts to destroy the message by attacking the messenger. If Americans were properly educated they would see immediately that any ad hominem attack is evidence that the position of the attacker is weak and should be disregarded. But we're not, so we don't. Now we suffer. However, as experience has shown us in recent decades, many Americans no longer respond to reason if it means abandoning their familiar, but silly prejudices. Many suffer from the "Stockholm Syndrome," in which they identify with and support their oppressor.

With extreme intellectual laziness many Americans embrace ad hominem attacks because it saves them the trouble of thinking for themselves. They meekly accept the ad hominem attack if it comes from a "trusted" source, and allow their ignorance and prejudices full rein to come to false conclusions about the issue at hand. They have no intellectual pride because they have no discernable intellect.

But they have the right to vote and they have the right to contribute to the very candidates who use ad hominem (and other fallacies) in the political realm. This is why so few moderate Republicans are still in office. And this is why members of the Stoopid party lose to Corporate State stooges.

In other words, to defeat the enemies of reason and democracy we need money to deploy Truth against all this un-American ignorance. Our Founding Fathers believed that their practice of war and politics would leave to their children the opportunity to practice science and engineering, so they may leave to their own children the ability to advance the arts of philosophy and reason.

We're about six generations behind this time table, but all is not (yet) lost. The Corporate State has many Achilles' heels, and Revolution Solution is positioned to expose them and help America regain her rightful place in the pantheon of logic and enlightenment, of might justified by right.

America is a Christian nation uniquely attached to the Age of Reason, consciously created in a rational way by our Founding Fathers, most of whom were students of both the Enlightenment and the great Classical Age of Greece and Rome.

The Bible agrees. According to Genesis, God created the Heavens and the earth. We are able to use our God given intellect to observe that such a creation is, indeed, a very intelligent design. Genesis also tells us that God made mankind in God's own image. The universe that God created is extremely logical, predictable and verifiable.

Therefore, if God created a rational universe, God used a rational mind to do so. If God created mankind in God's own image, God meant for mankind to be rational thinkers as well. Yet everywhere mankind is in chains.

God granted us free will and we allowed a nemesis called Satan to arise. God said "let there be light," and Satan said "here, try these chains." The history of humanity is the history of those who want to keep us in chains and those who want to liberate us. The Founding Fathers of America wanted Freedom and knew that the price of this Liberty is eternal vigilance.

Revolution Solution wants to act as "Vigilance Central."

Revolution Solution wants to illuminate the situation and help the people to shake off the chains into which they have been misled by Satan. Satan did not use force to achieve this; Satan relied of the misapplication of mankind's free will as many folks of limited intellect chose the easy course of mindless conformity to Satan's program of ignorance, bigotry and greed.

We can save them by fighting for the supremacy of the realm of Reason.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

We must not speak falsely now, as the hour is getting late. We aim to win. You can help. Please join us.

We have many projects in mind for political education and action.

We need to pay for the New York Times ad and prepare more, for print, online and on TV and radio. We need researchers. We need to hire accountants and lawyers to make sure all is done properly. We need to open a whole new front in the culture wars.

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