Uncle Sam: Backstabber!

Why do we make such a ruckus about terrorists attacking our Freedom when we so loudly applauded the surrender of the six million freedom loving capitalists of Hong Kong back on July 1, 1997?

It was on this date that the perfidy and hypocrisy of the Anglo-American worldview became apparent. Officials from both governments cheered as the Red Army goose-stepped its way into that benighted former colony, pausing only long enough to wipe its boots (still glistening red with the blood of the Tiananmen martyrs) on the former ideals and aspirations of the Anglo-American Alliance.

This dirty deal was done by the Iron Lady back in 1984 (how appropriate) with nary a squeak of disapproval from the U.S. President at the time. And this deal was (consumated) with an illegitimate Chinese government at least three times removed from the one originally treated with for the use of Hong Kong back in 1898.

You see, when conservatives get in power the first casualty is their rhetoric never translating into action (other than that of the back-stabbing kind.) Conservatives have always promised freedom until this rhetoric comes into conflict with the interests of the international Corporate State in which case the power of wealth remains on top. The Corporate State capitalists and the Communist State capitalists are now indistinguishable.

As Orwell noted in "Animal Farm:" "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

In New York City we have a zero tolerance "broken window" theory of law enforcement which holds that criminals are encouraged to escalate their activities when early, small crimes go unpunished. Beijing has NEVER been punished for any of its crimes (including the expropriation of billion$ of Western property in 1949) but instead we now actually reward these blood-drenched dictators with so much business, loans and investment that China is still a raging tyrant, albeit one on financial steroids.

Orwell, again, from "1984:" as an elderly man, sheltering underground from an atomic attack grouses: "We didn't ought to have trusted the buggers. But which buggers they didn't ought to have trusted Winston could not now remember." The Chinese communist-capitalists have learned from the mistakes of the Nazis and have mastered the art of making appeasement work for them, permanently.

Alas, the current Administration now occupying Washington has abandoned a previous President's successful Cold War strategies of "peace through strength" and "trust but verify." The Beijing regime early on tested the Bush White House when it knocked out of international airspace one of our high-tech reconnaissance aircraft and held its crew hostage while the Red Army methodically looted its super secret electronics and We the People watched helplessly from space. Beijing found that a flaccid Bush was willing to roll over and play dead and gladly suffer this unprovoked attack on our sovereignty and national security without a whimper so as to protect the moneyed interests of Wall Street and its vital 'free trade" with this still Red Menace.

PLA figures have repeatedly threatened to nuke our West Coast should we come to the aid of an endangered free Taiwan and help it repel an invasion from the mainland. When the time comes (certainly after the 2008 Olympics and Presidential contest) China will conquer Taiwan and fend us off not with nuclear blackmail but rather with pure financial extortion by threatening to dump their U.S. bonds and crash our economy if we do not acquiesce to their aggression. China has broken windows repeatedly and is now hungrily eying the bricks and mortar.

Like a master magician China has misdirected our attention away from the mortal threat it subtly poses and helped get us bogged down with yet another Asian quagmire. After all, al-Qaeda is just a cat's paw of the Taliban which is a cat's paw of the Pakistani military which has been a cat's paw of Beijing since long before "rapprochement" was even a glint in Nixon's eye, and that inscrutable cat in the Forbidden City is Cheshire indeed.

We have all seen the satellite photos of our plane being looted with the pirate trucks neatly lined up beside it and now the PLA has the ability to blind our eyes in the skies with a laser as it demonstrated in September 2006 during an attack on one of our satellites over China, and has driven home that point inJanuary 2007 with its kinetic destruction of an orbiting satellite.

All these broken windows went totally unpunished and now, considering all the technology stolen that day on Hainan Island, probably can never be repaired.

The Bush Administration has chosen a "see-no-evil" policy to "deal" with these events perpetrated by the PLA. And before the dust had even settled on 9/11 the Chinese Communist Party was hawking the line the Western China Uighur Freedom Fighters were terrorists as dastardly as al-Qaeda, Bush swallowed this Communist Party line even though those same freedom fighters have been supported by every Administration since Truman's. Because we have been trapped in Iraq we will never be able to muster the force or the will to protect Taiwan and the whole world knows it.

The whole world knows the first Bush gave a "get-out-of-jail-free" card after Tiananmen, that we applauded the sell-out of the six million freedom loving capitalists of Hong Kong, that we firmly placed our heads in the sand following PLA threats, that we cheerfully ignored provocations such as Hainan and the blinding of our satellite and that we stabbed the Uighurs in the back and are now sharpening our knife to give the same treatment to Taiwan.

There is no "trust but verify" faction in this White House. The current Administration is squandering our National Security to pave the way for the "Chinese Century." 9/11 truly paid lucrative dividends to enable this Chinese "business as usual."