A Revolutionary Principle

The pages you are viewing contain the seeds of our renewal. A Revolution, violent or otherwise, WILL eliminate our ever increasing burden of debt and give us a new birth of freedom, a clean slate on which to write a RATIONAL economic future, as our Founding Fathers envisioned. Jeffersonian Capitalism, or Main Street, is one of our Traditional National Values. It was supplanted by Wall Street beginning in the 1830s when the modern Corporate State was legislated into existence. This is where our problems began as this allowed the accumulation of wealth into a very few hands who translated this centralized wealth into political and undemocratic (read unAmerican) power.

Even Congress and the State Legislatures at the time mistrusted this new Corporate State and its minions: Part of the legislation that created the Corporate State included a very STRICT separation between the functions of the Ownership (shareholders) and the management of the company. The OWNERS were forbidden by law from participating in the day to day operations of the company, which was the exclusive job of the management, and the management was forbidden by law from owning ANY stock in the company. This wise law was broken down over the years by the corporations to, in effect, bribe the management team and the owners to become indistinguishable from one another and give management an actual stake in the company and by eliminating this "wall of separation" between ownership and management, to destroy the very basis of the sacred social contract that allowed the Corporate State in the first place.

Furthermore, this sudden concentration of wealth in the hands of a very few Corporate denizens began the breakdown our our traditional democratic values as espoused by Thomas Jefferson, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman in that the newly created super-wealthy class believed its members were better than the typical working American and who then turned its back on America, American Culture and the American People and identified instead with the aristocracy of Europe, especially of Britain, our former enemy and oppressor.

This new Corporate Class not only identified with the European aristocracy but it traveled there and brought back old treasures and greedy ideas and fashioned a new American aristocracy based on the values of old Europe and ignored and opposed the values of New America. They even got richer by joining with the British ruling class to war profiteer on the misery of our Civil War. Over the years this new anti-American Class just got richer and more powerful and now exhibits (evinces a design) a loyalty NOT to America and American Values, but to the values of this new international corporate class it had built. They ally themselves with the wealthy elites of all Nations, and bribe the best and the brightest of those places to abandon their own Peoples and cultures in order to serve this "New World Order."

Our job, as Revolutionaries, is to dismantle this new class and "order" and bring back OUR traditional democratic-capitalist culture and ELIMINATE the "middlemen" of Wall Street who do nothing but suck out the lifeblood from OUR economy to aid the economies of such "fellow travelers" as the blood drenched dictators of China and the blood splattered kleptocrats of Mexico. The liars and hypocrites in the propaganda department of the Corporate State have convinced many honest Americans that the Constitution must be only considered in its ORIGINAL form and allow no changes for new circumstance that arise over time.

Yet these "originalists" totally ignore the fact that the original Constitution mandated that the Federal government was to be financed by TARIFFS, but because this tariff system stands in the way of the internationalist corporate class and its efforts to redistribute the wealth of American's middle class from America to the new financial centers in Asia that now sneer at us (behind closed, diplomatic doors, of course,) that "beggars can't be choosers."

These "originalists" also ignore the very words in the Constitution, in the Preamble, that say the duty of the government is to "provide for the common welfare" and choose to interpret "the common welfare" to mean that of the corporate state. Its secret slogan must be: "of the international corporate state, by the international corporate state and for the international corporate state.

This anti-Americanism is what our Revolution must destroy and replace with our traditional economic values of thrift and a common sense that says "if it looks like an unAmerican enemy, if it walks like and unAmerican enemy and if it quacks like an unAmerican enemy" it HAS evinced a design to reduce us under its despotism and We the People have EVERY Right to Revolt, to kill the enemy and to re-assert our proper place is God's scheme of things. The Solution is Revolution. Too bad the current President did not take a page from the speeches of Eisenhower and Reagan and point out that "Unrestrained international corporate capitalism is not the answer to our problems, unrestrained international corporate capitalism IS our problem."


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