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We all need to roll up our sleeves,
get on the same page
and Win Back America!

There is a lot to do besides listing our grievances,
(Although there is much to be said about those,)
And you can participate on Democracy Wall.

These pages are here as something new under the sun,
a fresh banner run up the flag pole
To see who salutes, and how strongly.

We the People have a Right to Revolution,
a Right to fundamental, systemic change, and
we have no obligation to play by the rules of the rich.

We are We the People so WE make the rules,
as we did April 19,1775 and July 4, 1776
When the dictates of the first oligarchy were extinguished
Culminating, fifteen years later, with our Bill of Rights.

Improving thereafter wherever we could,
by the Grace of God,
(whilst always keeping our powder dry)
Bringing progress, enlightenment and inspiration to the world.

But suffering now under the lash of corporate authoritarianism,
Modern Dukes and Earls: CEOs and Directors, still
Imposing non-democratic means: Rule by Gold,
destroying our traditional ways of voting, and worse
The wealthy seizing illegitimate power, because we are too polite
To speak Truth to Power with force and certitude.

Money talks, they know, the louder the better,
Tiny numbers wielding big dollars, never expecting
Larger numbers giving modest gifts,
From many united shouting for one big change.

Victory is ours for Truth shall set us free,
Help us proclaim Liberty throughout the Land.
And extend this Blessing across the world.

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