Hallelujah! Jesus is a Liberal

Most people assume that America is a Christian nation because most Americans profess to be Christian, but is it really? Can people truly be Christian when they deliberately ignore the teachings of Jesus? Is America all that different than it was back when Mark Twain described the two types of Christians in America as being either professional or professing Christians, the former being the ideal and the latter the actual?

Most Christians are inspired by the Bible but many tend to focus on the supernatural aspects of it, the very things Thomas Jefferson sought to exorcize from his Bible, hoping to leave in plain view the true teachings of Jesus. But the wealthy do not want these economic teaching to be accessible because the people might take them seriously and act on them and make things, um, hot for the rich.

Some Christians use Biblical text to reinforce their own various bigotries such as the passage in Leviticus against homosexuality while conveniently forgetting that Jesus himself never condemned or even mentioned homosexuality but instead tried to teach mankind to "love thy neighbor," and to practice the Golden Rule: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Yet a large number of "Christians" harbor hate in their hearts and refuse to tolerate anybody different than themselves.

Plus, many politicians (mostly Republican) promote intolerance because it gets them votes. These sinical politicos know that in numbers there is victory, even if their voters are mostly fools, and, as Mr. Twain pointed out, "hain't that a majority in any town?"

These "Christians" are strangely silent regarding the love and acceptance Jesus expressed for the poor. Jesus himself said: "It would be easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." "Christians" who profess to believe a literal interpretation of the Bible intentionally blind themselves to the obvious Truth that Jesus is saying that rich folk will never get to Heaven simply because it is literally impossible to pass a camel through the eye of a needle.

If "Christians" were to embrace that Truth it would end up destroying the shameful, but carefully erected, edifice of bigotry that has been constructed over the ages by the rich to protect themselves from the philosophy of Jesus. Yet Jesus, like David before him, proclaimed that "Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the Earth."

Unfortunately for America, the class which is ruling our nation is anything but meek. The establishment is greedy and grasping and prone to violence and intimidation, deceit and bribery to get what it wants, breaking numerous Commandments while enroute to its fateful self delivery to an inevitable judgment at the Gates of Hell. Yet, like three famous un-evolved monkeys, "Christians" remain deaf, blind and silent to the threat posed by the anti-Christs among the wealthy. Will their ignorance and counterfeit piety condemn them to the fires of Perdition for all the harm they have inflicted on the poor or do they still have a chance at redemption?

The Bible tells us that God made the heavens and the earth and made mankind in God's own image. God endowed mankind with free will (a rational mind) but everywhere mankind is in chains. Science shows us that it is a rational, clockwork universe that God created and no one can dispute that it is an intelligently designed physical world in which we live. Since God used a rational mind to create a rational universe and made mankind in God's image, it follows, logically, that God also wanted mankind to think (and act) rationally.

But because the professing "Christians" are unable and/or unwilling to accept this fact and prefer to continue to exist in a benighted state of bigotry and ignorance our country suffers and our future is in peril. America cannot reach its full democratic potential because "Christians" allow themselves to be separated from the Truth as they act against the less fortunate at every opportunity and stab them in the back because this consuming hatred within the religious right walls them off from the love and enlightenment of Jesus.

Jesus said the rich should "sell their goods and give the money to the poor," but the religious right has the nerve to try to brand President Obama a socialist. They are even willing to publicly disagree with the Bible when it says that the "love of money is the root of all evil." The religious right adores the titans of Wall Street and the neo-aristocracy of the autocratic Corporate State, but it looks like they somehow missed the account of how Jesus chased the big money men from the temple.

"Christians" revere the early Christian martyrs who had been fed to the lions but continue to express hostility toward the Civil Rights movement which was born and nurtured in the pulpits and pews of Black churches and crucified on the streets by racist policemen, vicious dogs, fire hoses, fire bombs, bullets and nooses. The love and teachings of Jesus kept the movement courageously going, divinely inspired to forge ahead for a freedom that the religious right continues to seek to limit, especially at the ballot box.

Since the rich are so opposed to the teachings of Jesus and use massive amounts of their money to propagandize against those who wish to aid the poor and thus destroy the traditional American value called "Christian Charity", we can sense that there must be another force at work to accomplish this ever increasing enrichment and empowerment of the wealthy and their servants on Wall Street, K Street, Madison Avenue and in the Republican Party.

In other words, Satan is afoot in our land and has chosen as his first line of offense the maintenance of the ignorance and bigotry that "Christians" now claim to be a righteous force of God.

Jesus preached compassion but the religious right denounces compassionate people as bleeding heart liberals. Jesus preached forgiveness but the religious right wants to lock ‘em up and throw away the key. Jesus preached tolerance but the religious right condemns those who are merely different. The moral failings of the religious right have allowed them to be captured by Satan and we must save them from his cruel clutches with earnest prayer and lead their souls back onto the path to Salvation.

Therefore, let us proclaim throughout the land and unto all the inhabitants thereof, that Jesus is a liberal! O Lord, deliver us from Wall Street, and may God bless us, EVERYONE.