Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

A New York Times-CBS News poll revealed in November 1993 informed us that fully seventy five percent of the American People don't believe the Warren Commission findings about the assassination of President Kennedy. This seems to be a rather large number of Americans who seriously mistrust their own government. And 50% of us, half of our nation, specifically named the CIA as being behind the event.

This poll should have been the canary in the coal mine; the "authorities" should have awakened and decided that this atmosphere of distrust has been smoldering for far too long and festering throughout our culture and if something isn't done about it there might need to be a cleansing Revolution sometime in the future. The future is here. The question now is "ballot or bullet?"

Perhaps this is the same 50% of the people who no longer bother to vote and who figure what's the use as doing so would only encourage the bastards. This is the alienated half of Americans who grit their teeth and stew in the juices of economic injustice created by the elite for the elite's edification, juices that are now threatening to drown the nation. They know somebody is responsible for this but can't figure out whom. They feel threat-ened and overwhelmed by the unfriendly and un-democratic elite that has come to the fore in the post-war period during which time our traditional American values were subverted by the wealthy for the benefit of the wealthy. This current, narrow concentration of wealth, and the power it buys, into the hands of ever fewer and fewer people has ruined our traditional idea of democratic capitalism and has turned our Jeffersonian values on their heads.

Our Constitution was not created for the current Corporate State under which we now suffer. This is absolutely and literally true as the laws creating this mutant form of capitalism were not even legislated into existence until the 1830's (as a way to organize the building of the railroads.) America has always been a capitalist country, but the type of capitalism that now abuses us is not the same type of capitalism that the Founders envisioned and put into practice. The Corporate State is a cheating capitalism, a capitalism on steroids, that enriches the very few while corrupting, indebting and oppressing the rest of us.

Adam Smith pointed out in 1776 that Britain was a great nation because it was a nation of shop-keepers. Not a nation of CEO industrialists, and not a nation of leveraged entrepreneurs, but a nation of modest, local small business operators each of whom occupied a niche in the original capitalist system that is known as "Main Street." Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson were both long dead before the current style of capitalism was imposed on us with the beginning of the rise of the Corporate State in the 1830s.

Yet even with this rise there were restrictions regarding business organization that reflected the mistrust Congress and the states held toward what was to be known as the Corporate State.

At both the state and national levels there was a strict wall of separation erected by the legislatures to keep ownership and management apart. The original corporate law required that the owners, or shareholders, get together and hire a management team but forbad owners from engaging in any day to day operations of the company. Management was likewise forbidden by law from owning any shares in the company and was mandated merely to run its day to day operations at a salary only. But as the money rolled in to the corporations and made its way into the pockets of legislators and judges these reasonable restrictions fell by the wayside. Management today can write its own ticket and even blackmails the corporation by saying if the shareholders do not "give" massive pay packages and perks and benefits they will leave their jobs and go to a competitor.

So nowadays it is impossible to distinguish between ownership and management because corporate governance has been inbred to the point of being a viral, mutant, capitalist scourge, recognizing no national boundaries, that has morphed into a single huge mutual back scratching society happily and legally looting their companies with the same alacrity and greedy sense of entitlement as any common (less organized) criminal.

Most of our economic problems stem from this Wall Street assault on our traditional values. The Constitution is a wonderful idea, and a very successful one, but it is being manipulated by a tiny elite that has the money and the will to use our National Charter to warp our values into an efficient state of concentrated wealth that translates into a vast political power, spanning parties, and then spinning them into a conglomerate "Wall Street Party" that no longer serves the interests of the large majority of Americans. It instead allows the rich to harm America by joining forces with their moneyed brethren in the Internationalist Corporate State whose members exhibit far more loyalty to their own economic class than to their own nation-states.

To help make the rich richer the Corporate State is completely willing to condemn patriotic, hard working Americans to the heartbreaking rigors of unemployment simply because that move translates to greater wealth and power for the moneyed elite. Hence, the union movement is being attacked and our middle class is being destroyed by the conscious determination of the rich to help Communist China become prosperous, profitable and powerful, with their billion deluded slaves serving to undercut our own "rugged individualists," and provide the rich with a lucrative, expanding market.

It is perfectly normal for our ruling class to stab us in the back because doing so makes the world safer for their Internationalist Plutocracy which puts corporate profits ahead of common patriotism, common sense and common decency.

Rather than investing in our own nation they refuse to repatriate their foreign profits to help the American economy and instead sit on mountains of cash patiently awaiting the arrival of a more anal retentive President. These corporations are also intentionally holding back on investing their huge hoard of cash which was made available to them by the Fed for the benefit of We the People.

These corporations are hoarding this wealth to keep unemployment up so as to make the President look bad in election season. These corporations are deliberately harming the American economy and middle class for purely partisan reasons even though they claim "poor business conditions" as their alibi. These corporate creeps are entirely eager to harm American families so that the corporations will get a more pliant president to deliver them even more wealth and power. This situation shrieks for Revolution as the only way to get our nation back to normal. We need to put the Corporate State out of our misery.

President Reagan won the cold war with a policy of "peace through strength" and with his brilliant strategy of bankrupting the Soviet Union.

But now that Communist China has a trillion or two of OUR dollars we are in danger of being bankrupted by them. Trade with China is by logic a national security issue: the more wealth China accumulates the stronger it will become militarily. The Corporate State and its puppets in the Wall Street Party is perfectly willing to allow this to happen as it profits big while harming working Americans by holding down their wages and it bodes MASSIVE new defense spending in the future to keep up with the coming Chinese challenge.

This would be great for the bottom line of the war profiteers, but We the People cannot afford it. Why should WE pay taxes so THEY can make huge profits? Why should THEY then use these profits to buy political power to use against US? Why should we pay good money, principle and interest, to a criminal communist government that oppresses, abuses and blatantly murders its own benighted people?

During times of war ALL goods and services provided to the U.S. government should be provided AT COST so to spare the taxpayer some of the burdens of war but China now aims to defeat us with our own money. The wealth we should be using to "provide for the general welfare" of the people, unshackle from debt our own economy, rebuild our infrastructure and keep our military strong is instead being used against us. The future of America is at risk and the only way to save us is with the overthrow of the current Corporate State regime before it finally finishes selling us down the Yangtze River.

We need to teach the Chinese people that they, too, have an absolute Right to Revolution, just as we do. But best of all for us, a Revolution here will repudiate all our debts, our massive debts to China and the banks, all our local government debt (but not its obligations,) small business debt, and all personal debt including mortgages, student loans, car loans, and credit card charges.

The debt we've gotten into because of dishonest and incompetent leadership acts as a chain to burden us with legal obligations that we have no hope of achieving. We are just as enslaved as if the Red Army was holding us at bayonet point in Times Square. And nothing convinces like success: The Chinese Communist Party eliminated Chinese debt in 1949 and look at them now.

"Free trade" is a lie concocted by the world's wealthy class to redistribute the wealth of the greatest middle-class society ever devised to the already rich in the Internationalist Corporate State. As we are thus drained we get weaker and they get stronger and chip away at our sovereignty until the coming day that China informs us that "beggars can't be choosers," and we must surrender yet more of our principles, apologize abjectly to them yet again for their own hostile actions and obediently hand over yet another debt payment to these butchers of Tiananmen.

We have already heard such an abject apology delivered by Secretary of State Colin Powell shortly before 9/11. Powell was the unprincipled liar who claimed at the UN that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and he was the one sent hat in hand to deliver an apology to the People's Liberation Army after one of its kamikaze cowboy pilots intentionally crashed his warplane into our unarmed reconnaissance plane flying legally in international air space during the early months of the Bush Administration.

This clown had a history of such actions, once flying so close to our reconnaissance plane we could read his email address that he held up on a handmade sign. Thankfully, he died and our guys survived, but we lost its super secret electronic content after the forced landing as Red Army buccaneers looted our plane while we watched helplessly from space. (Later, the PLA demonstrated its power to destroy satellites in space which left thousands of pieces of lethal litter floating around up there and it also blinded one of our defense satellites with a laser shot just to show us it can do so.) One thing you can't say about China is that it lacks chutzpah. The Cheney/Bush Administration flaccidly rolled over for the PLA and sent Powell to deliver his cowardly apology. We got punked, big time. No wonder the terrorists detected weakness in our spine and exploited it months later with the 9/11 attacks.

The United States Government is not properly protecting us as is its duty mandated by the Constitution. Our government is no longer protecting We the People. Our government is now protecting them the Oligarchs. That is what our taxes are paying for. Why should our taxes be used to aid our enemies? Why should our taxes be used to help anybody BUT We the People?

China produces nothing that we actually need. Everything we now import from China can be manufactured in America and even if the cost of that manufacture is higher than it is in China, at least all the money involved will stay in our country and circulate through our economy, paying taxes each step of the way. This is a social tax that acts to eliminate the need for big government by allowing the free economy to respond to the logical need for more employment, paid for by less profit for the rich.

It is incalculably better to use this annual 500 billion for ourselves and our children rather than China's faceless billion and the spoiled brats of our ruling class. Only good can happen to the American People if we were to "just say NO" to China. But Wall Street and the Corporate State shout a resounding "YES," thus revealing their true allegiance. Nothing will ever budge these traitors from their reckless pursuit of Sino-profit. Used to be American companies could be trusted to do what's best for the American people but then the executives started believing their own propaganda and started cutting our throats with free market glee.

Alan Greenspan, a long time member of a bizarre sex and philosophy personality cult that worshiped greed on Wall Street, sold out his country to the internationalist bankers and helped establish this new multi-national cross border "patriotism." A patriotism not to country, but to the fellow rich in the Internationalist Corporate State which focuses its devotion on the "sign of the dollar."

Many ambitious Americans, from Greenspan to big bankers and corporate chieftains, and all their hangers-on in the media and the ivied groves of academe, got on board this un-American train and captured quite a few politicians in the process. These geniuses gutted our manufacturing sector and with it a huge chunk of our middle class. But they got richer and that's the American Way and the rich will stick with their greed and powerlust at all costs even if it leads to national suicide. We need to get them out of power so they can no longer harm us and we need to take their wealth so we can rest assured they will stay out of power.

The New World Order is sitting pretty on its international high horse but our salvation lies in making the rich less pretty by knocking their fine steed out from under them. We need to get ugly with the New World Order and always remember Goliath's fate proved that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

The rich like to recite a fairy tale about how America is this noble meritocracy where anyone can get ahead by dint of natural talent and hard work. But they never advertise that their own class tradition is to simply bribe the whores of the Ivy League to allow their less than meritorious princelings legacy admittance by depriving an objectively better candidate merely because he or she is from one of the less connected classes.

In the past sixty years the civil rights movement, with aid and assistance from the Ivy League law schools, passed legislation that prohibits racial discrimination but these same Ivy League law schools lifted nary a finger to outlaw class discrimination, even within their own ranks. They are smart enough to know who butters their bread and the only finger they lift is a middle one aimed at the young middle class striver.

An Ivy League diploma is worth well over a million dollars in increased lifetime income but because of this entrenched class system that has been forced on our formerly democratic republic, thousands of highly capable students were passed over in favor of the continued consolidation of the crony class with yet another generation of inbred inheritors. In America today it is not what you know, but who you know and those who dispute this fact are blatant liars who cannot be trusted with our future.

We need to defund the Ivy League. Don't trust any of them. We need to force their endowments to pay reparations to the victims of this legal, but immoral, discrimination. We need to take away their power and influence. We need to eliminate all grants or other payments by the American taxpayer to the Ivy League and divert these funds instead to state colleges and smaller private universities that are truly deserving. We need to ignore their apologists and designated liars and question the authenticity of any and all Ivy League degrees. We need to demand the names of the beneficiaries of this Ivy League turpitude so we can try to identify those who went on to betray America on behalf of their class.

We need to be realistic. Why should our taxes be used to subsidize the rich and empower the prestige of the very Harvard trained MBA cultural assassins who are the bane of our middle class and who come after Main Street, our labor unions, and our traditional values, wave upon wave, year after year? There are a lot better things we can do with our money.

We didn't ought to have trusted the buggers. This malignantly un-American Ivy League also turns out many of our "top" judges and justices, smug graduates of ivy institutions whose primary duty is to enable injustice in order to solidify the wealth, power, privilege and preeminence of the current class structure.

These same unscrupulous schools also matriculate thousands of Chinese students, few of whom ever defect, and most of whom will end up using this ivy acquired knowledge against us in a billion ways. They may as well train Iranian students to be nuclear engineers.

After all, we have been thrust by the Corporate State, without our informed knowledge or consent, into a massive international competition against billions of hungry people, a competition we cannot hope to win because the rules, (NAFTA, WTO, GATT, MFN ETC,) have been arranged against us by reason of our government being forced to borrow trillion$ from the very countries we are competing against (and so we must acquiesce secretly to the demands of the lenders.) This is not freedom, this is not representation, this is taxation most foul: hard earned taxpayer dollars bypassing our people and going straight to the rich, the corporations and the Communist Party of China. Thanks a lot, Larry Summers.

This is not what we signed up for. Liberals, clinging to the storied ivy and reveling within it like "I-hit-the-jackpot" academic pansies, are an endangered species entwined in the very fabric of their predator. Their choice is to eat the behemoth from within, or be digested.

Corporations have waaay too much power over the everyday lives of ordinary, once free, Americans. Plus, they have ready access to virtually unlimited knowledge about us in programs that will soon coalesce into a virtual mind reading machine, where all the various tidbits about us are stored and sorted and recombined into an accurate portrayal of each one of us down to the micro-level. From there they can hone in on our political beliefs and expressions. (If this sounds like a violation of our First Amendment Rights, a close reading of the Amendment, ((and the current Court just adores close readings,)) says clearly that Congress can not restrict our right to free speech, but it doesn't say anything about private business restricting that right, so we can be sure these corporations will do their damnedest to exercise their ability to muzzle us.) The Corporate State has become our new government, unelected, nasty, and utterly un-American, but loyal to the rich in other countries.

The Internationalist Corporate State is the New World Order, a one world government that aspires not to freedom and Constitutional law, American style, but to replace our egalitarian, democratic system with their "benign" dictatorship of the Oligarchs, who claim they have a better idea for rule over us than our Founding Fathers.

Because of the myriad pro-Wall Street decisions of five men against America, all this is perfectly legal. But it is not moral, this invasion of privacy by electronic dossier, is most definitely not a traditional American value. From the earliest days of modern technology we have demanded privacy as when "party line" phone systems allowed a snoop to "overhear" private conversations, and that snoop was universally detested. We Americans never liked a sneak.

But that was then, when America was much healthier, and this is now, after we've been subjected for generations to endless sneaky Corporate State propaganda and privacy intrusions, served up by snakes who just want to control us and make money off us. Frank Capra, the great movie director, ("Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and "It's a Wonderful Life.") wrote: "For this is what we're fighting, freedom's oldest enemy: the passion of the few to rule the many."

The corporations even undermine the parent/child relationship, especially in the supermarket chains which take steps to circumvent parental authority by forcing the consumer to acquiesce to the marketing strategy of the store. For example, a survey revealed that many parents towing young children skip the candy aisle in order to avoid whining. So the supermarkets responded to this threat to their profits by placing candy at the check-out lines where the kids can easily see it and pester mom into handing over her hard earned money. All to fulfill her kid's addiction to Corporate State inspired instant gratification. It's as easy as selling candy to a baby.

Corporations didn't behave like this in the good old days, they respected their customers, but nowadays they wring us like a sponge to squeeze out every last cent they can. This is the norm today, this is the Corporate State philosophy writ large to be seen by all who want to see. What a racket.

We can defeat them; we just need to take away their money and there are many ways to do so. A lot of their money is in the stock market, a craps table where value is assigned by each passing phase or fancy. We can do things that can make the stock market prices go down.

We can go after their corporate profits by refusing to buy anything they sell. If we were to just save our money for our own future benefit we will come out ahead, by the immutable law of enlightened self interest. If we were to save for tomorrow by not spending today we will get ourselves a better deal. If we were to do without all that is not absolutely necessary the corporations will be forced to sell us better products with longer warrantees, give us better service and lower prices, and treat us with respect.

The corporations have plenty of fat that we need to trim, starting in the executive suite with salary, options, perks, benefits, and mistresses. A leaner corporation will have less money to give to our political enemies and that will certainly improve our lives, especially in the long term. Screw the rich.

"Postponing immediate rewards in order to reap greater future benefit" is a traditional American value that, once re-embraced, will cancel out Madison Avenue's sixty years of systematic destruction of this very homely wisdom, which they replaced with spendthrift capitalism, consumer style.

The Corporate State occupies the juncture of the three boulevards of treachery, Wall Street, K Street and Madison Avenue. Wall Street barks the orders, K Street finesses the engineering, and Madison Avenue puts the cherry on top and plays the National Anthem to convince us that all is still well. USA! USA! USA! Bread and Circuses! Bread and Circuses! Bread and Circuses! In the end the traitors are still traitors and the people will awaken to that fact and take care of the problem with one fell swoop.

This Washington/Wall Street axis is the enemy and the Declaration of Independence our roadmap to victory.