The Best Kept Secret in America and How to Make it Work for We the People

The following pages assert, in plain language, our traditional Right to Revolution and explain the need and the methods to achieve the overthrow of the American Ruling Class, aka the Corporate State, and return our government to We the People for the benefit of We the People.

"Whenever any government abuses the Right of the People to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, it is the Right and the Duty of the People to Alter or Abolish that government and start a new one and this Right comes from God and cannot be rescinded by man." (Details at

The Declaration of Independence, above, in a close paraphrase, thus states our Right to Revolution and we know that the Second Amendment of the Constitution provides a means for that Revolution. Now is the time to use these powers, gifted to us by our Founding Fathers, to claw back our Freedom and Prosperity from the relentless grip of the special interests of the Washington/Wall Street Axis of Treason.

BUT, the Revolution that is here promoting is not one that will overthrow the United States government but a new sort of focused revolt that will instead LIBERATE our government from the narrow, anti American special interests that now control it. (Revolution Solution believes that our Constitution created a wonderful government that merely needs to be cleansed and strengthened.)

Public political education is the key because very few Americans understand that the words in the Declaration mean what they say, that Revolution is America's ultimate insurance policy, and is our Right, as well as our most basic traditional value. Revolution can be the short cut back to freedom and prosperity, but the ruling class has made our Right to Revolution the best kept secret in America. This enemy fears a spontaneous and near instantaneous eruption of outrage and anger as much as it fears the wrath of God.

America is famous as the first place where a people of European descent adopted the fighting style of the indigenous population, guerrilla warfare, and used it to help defeat a much larger, better trained and equipped imperialist army. This "Natural Law" Right was not kept a secret back then because the powers that ruled us were sincere in their patriotism and confident in the future of Democracy.

The Corporate State (Wall Street + K Street) is our worst domestic enemy and it has now allied with our worst foreign enemy, the Communist Party of China, to assault the independence, freedom and prosperity of the American People. The Corporate State threatens our future national security by financing the rise of an aggressive, brutal, and expansionist communist China, and by helping modernize its three million strong People's Liberation Army.

Why should the American Taxpayer be forced to finance the criminal government of China and/or the profligate Corporate State of America? The Constitution says, right at the beginning, that the purpose of government is to provide for the "general welfare" of We the People of the United States. With a simple act of Revolutionary political will we can disavow the 18 trillion dollars of debt piled up against us and held by our worst enemies, both foreign and domestic. This bill was run up against us using false pretenses and the Preamble of the Constitution protects WE the People from having to pay banks and other debt holders such as the Communist Party of China for the dishonest and incompetent actions of bankers who then, shockingly, paid themselves huge bonuses at taxpayer expense. The Chinese communist party and Chinese banks are now the single largest "owner" of our public debt and are now gleefully using this power to harm us and build up their military might to use against us later.

With this sell-out to the butchers of Tiananmen, the wealthy class of America has betrayed our middle class and caused the U.S. government to violate the United States Constitution by ignoring its instruction that the role of the government is to "promote the general welfare," "establish justice," "insure domestic tranquility," and "provide for the common defense" of "We the People." The rich will do anything, including treason, to gain even more advantages to use against us, and we must no longer allow them to steal our freedom and prosperity and sell us out to foreign powers.

America deserves leaders who are on our side.

(The second best kept secret is that class warfare is, and has always been, ruthlessly waged by the rich against We the People to keep us in our place, and them in their power. Dividing us racially is one of their most successful tactics, a hand-me-down from the Brutish Empire, of course, but tried and true.)

The Supreme Court, Protector of the Corporate State of America

This sell-out is but one example of what the Declaration of Independence calls a "long chain of abuses and usurpations" that "evince a design" to reduce us to a modern serfdom under the moneyed elite, steal our liberty and crush democracy under the iron heel of Corporate State "despotism."

For example, the Corporate State coddling Supreme Court now allows private business to terminate workers simply for having a political opinion that the business does not like. These attacks on our Right to free speech are part and parcel of the long term goal of the Supreme Court to slowly and quietly defang any resistance to the organized, corporate assault on our Constitutional Rights.

America's wealthy are deliberately destroying our labor union movement by undercutting it with communist slave labor, by financing the rise of the Chinese middle class at the expense of our own steeply declining middle class and so help themselves gather ever more wealth and power. The Corporate State has no respect for our Constitution and it dishonors our heroes who died for that Godly idea.

The Corporate State is so arrogantly abusive of our rights and freedom that it has no appreciation or interest that a million+ Americans have paid the ultimate price to protect our liberty. We the People need to ask a common sense question that should be apparent to all citizens: Did these American heroes give their lives so that their children and grand children would suffer a loss of their freedom and prosperity to the Communists, and to help the wealthy control and harm us?

This is what losing the Vietnam War has come to mean. Despite what the Corporate State and its Supreme Court wants, We the People shall always have the Right to self defense and the Right to Revolution, even to the point of simply killing the rich.

The Revolutionary Road Back to Prosperity: Kick China Cold Turkey

This Revolution seeks to "KICK CHINA COLD TURKEY" and rebuild our industrial base so We the People may keep American money in America helping the American economy and our own People. "Free trade" is an illusion devised by Wall Street to transfer as much wealth as possible out of America and into the financial coffers of the Communist branch of the Corporate State, to undercut our working class first and foremost, and then to lay the ground work for another expensive arms race in the near future that will force the taxpayers to make the undeserving rich even richer while severely limiting our ability to defend our National interests against the increasingly aggressive, and well equipped, Chinese military that has been greatly emboldened by the secrets it has hacked from us.

Our Founding Fathers created a Constitution that financed the government with TARIFFS, not income tax, yet many of today's most influential conservatives, who claim to revere the original intent of the Founders, totally ignore this basic fact and try to shove the international Corporate State down our throats. Our national sovereignty is at stake.

Family Friendly American Capitalism Falling to Predatory International Capital

The American Corporate State is a type of corrupted capitalism that did not exist at the time of our Nation's founding but was imposed on We the People more than 50 years later, during the 1830s, with legislation intended to organize the financing of the building of the railroads.

This legislation metastasized over the years into a concentrated, centralized capitalism that has been attempting to overthrow our original capitalism, endorsed by the Founder's Constitution and known to history as "Jeffersonian Democracy," or "Main Street." Wall Street is, and has long been, the enemy of Main Street and thus at war with our traditional values.

Because the Corporate State was not legislated into existence until fifty+ years after the Nation's founding, it is obvious that this type of capitalism is not one of our original traditions and that the Constitution was written for a small scale, localized capitalist system instead. Our Constitution was tailored to the type of capitalism we had in the beginning, small scale, "Jeffersonian," or "Main Street," and the reason so many people today feel that America is going in the wrong direction can be found in this unexpected conflict between our traditional, small business capitalism and a cheating system based on financial "steroids" provided by the Federal Reserve.

The Founders believed that wealth and power should be spread out amongst the People but today their glorious vision has been supplanted by a narrowly focused, inbred system conjured by the rich so that Corporate executives today are now just the American equivalent of the Lords, Earls and Dukes that we overthrew in 1776. And with very close connections to the British financial center in London, Wall Street is singing a familiar tune: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

The concentration of wealth and power in the Corporate State is just as inhibiting of liberty and prosperity as is the concentration of power and wealth in Washington. Soon, we shall see an event that will serve as the "straw that broke the camel's back," and the People will see it as a "let them eat cake" moment, a perfect glaring example of a process familiar to history as "the transformation of quantity into quality." Then, the things that need to get done will finally get done and We the People will get back our exceptional, widespread prosperity and be done with the ruling class forever.

National Debt Forgiveness

To regain our liberty and prosperity, and to reintroduce the concept of "Justice," is the goal of this Revolutionary new movement. We aim to achieve the elimination of America's debt, including mortgages, car loans, student loans, small business loans and all the other forms of debt now festering among both the American People and small businesses, as well as in the various levels of government. Our Revolution will eliminate all these debts and redirect the debt service that the corporations are today paying the Wall Street banks to our national treasury instead.

This Revolution will declare all public and non corporate private debts null and void. Since most Americans owe more than they own such debt forgiveness will benefit the large majority of Americans and will disencumber our economy of the massive debts crooked politicians and their corporate paymasters have imposed on us. Individual citizens, or a Nation, cannot be free when creditors have legal, but immoral, power over them. Remember, Wall Street's arrogant motto is "beggars can't be choosers."

This Revolution will break that power and rebuild our Nation in the image our Founders intended. Free people cannot be beggars.

The Federal Reserve, created only a century ago, will be a big target of our big guns as it is the big enabler of Wall Street's undemocratic, arbitrary, self serving power. A total of 13 Fed boards, owned and operated not by the United States but by private banking interests who protect those interests at any and all costs to our Nation, illustrate the log jam that is stifling our progress and prosperity.

Not a single member of these boards holds a day job other than banker or corporate executive. Their chief talent is the gathering of wealth and power unto themselves, the International Corporate State.

And these Federal Bankers use their magical wand to create, (by mere fiat,) and redistribute our national wealth to businesses that care nothing about our collective prosperity. Instead they divert massive amounts of capital from productive, job creating small business loans, to huge buyouts of one corporation by another.

This type of sudden, massive injection of money into our economy normally creates inflation and the debasement of our currency but Wall Street has recently found that this is a superb way to redistribute our wealth to itself AND keep inflation low, the banker's greatest desire.

For example, one corporation needs $50 billion to take over another corporation so Wall Street arranges that this latest $50 billion of fiat paper to be injected into the system will go (at a tiny interest rate,) to a consortium of banks that bundle it all together and lend it to the acquiring corporation.

Thus, We the People see nothing of "our" money while a tiny number of shareholders of the acquired corporation become massively wealthy and end up using this wealth against us by giving big contributions to crooked politicians of both parties who, among other things, facilitate trade deals that perpetuate the hemorrhage of middle class jobs and wealth to the hostile Communist Party of China.

Would not that $50,000,000,000, if distributed by the Fed directly to smaller local banks to use to finance existing and upcoming small businesses and entrepreneurs, help create a renewed and invigorated economy that will provide financial stability and prosperity to our declining middle class? Of course it would, it is simple economics, but Wall Street is never happy when it has to face an energized competitor or opponent. Wall Street is quite satisfied with its current, highly successful, racket.

And this is just one big Wall Street deal out of thousands that occur every year. We have a Constitutional Right that our National Bank will be on the side of the majority of our People and We the People must be willing to fight for this Right, to die for this Right and to kill for this Right.

Capitalism = the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number

Our Revolution will end the hegemony of the Fed, wipe out most debt and create mass prosperity for all of our citizens and, when we KICK CHINA COLD TURKEY, will finance the expansion of traditional, job creating small business. Then America will be back on track to our true exceptionalism that nurtured the old and very successful capitalist concept of achieving "the greatest good for the greatest number."

At the root of our exceptionalism is our Right to Revolution, unique among all nations, both now and through history. No other nation has a founding document that spells out this Right, and the rules attendant to it, because no other nation has so explicitly trusted in its people and in the idea of democracy. Nor has any other nation provided the actual means to Revolution, such as our Second Amendment, which champions Minuteman type militias to secure our Divinely inspired State of Freedom.

We need to arm ourselves to the teeth.

Besides giving our economy a huge boost by eliminating debt, our Revolution can also gather all publicly traded corporate shares into a gigantic mutual fund with each American voter awarded an equal share. Every year, the profits of this mutual fund will be gathered into dividends with each American voter receiving an equal share, to be paid every April 15th.

In addition, we will honor the original intent of the Corporate State legislation that mandated a strict separation of ownership and management by disallowing any interference by owners into the day-to-day management of the company and by disallowing any stock ownership by management.

This way, the fox will no longer be allowed to guard the hen house, and the avarice of management will not be permitted to divert any profits from this fund. All executives will receive as compensation only their salaries and only at a rate no more than fifteen times what the average factory or office worker earns, as was the case during the Eisenhower Fifties. Companies similar to each other will be consolidated to create an efficiency of production and distribution that will force fewer executives to work harder for less money.

All profits, (after sound reinvestment to improve the business,) of the various units of the mutual fund will go into the mutual fund for the equal benefit of all American voters.

The U.S. Homestead Act of 1862 was the greatest socialist give away program in history and our Revolution will continue this equalizing American tradition by creating a new Urban Homestead Act which will provide ownership of housing to whoever now occupies any corporate or public housing, or is paying a mortgage, and give vouchers to all others. No more foreclosures as everyone will be granted title to their home, as part of our Universal Debt Forgiveness program, and so folks will achieve a strong, physical stake in our economy and their community, with all the stability, benefits and responsibilities that accrue from private property ownership.

Tax the Rich and Empower the Middle Class

Our Revolution will end all corporate welfare, and by heavily taxing the rich we can finally balance the federal budget annually, eliminate taxes on the middle class and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

Another aspect of our Revolution will re-establish justice in America after the beating it has taken at the bloody hands of five black robed traitors who claim that the Constitution allows an innocent person to be punished for another person's crime. People who are KNOWN to be innocent have been raped by this anti American court which holds that a mere owner of a property that was used in a crime can be deprived of that property, without due process, in defiance of the Fifth Amendment.

For example, an older couple, pillars of their community and proud owners of a big, expensive house, lost that house just because their no good grandson came for a visit and, while there, sold some drugs. Another famous case involved a wife whose husband used her car to solicit a prostitute who was a cop. Her car was seized even though she hadn't wanted her husband to use her car for that purpose.

Ask any patriotic American if he believes that any innocent person should be punished for another person's crime he would answer not only "no", but HELL NO!" Yet this injustice has been shoved down our throats by these black robed whores for Wall Street. We have never seen a corporation seized for the crimes it commits because corporations have carefully developed the ways and the means to thwart justice. So much for our much lauded tradition of "equal justice under the law."

We now see corporations trying to intimidate individuals and entire cities. One New York McDonald's owner threatened to fire anyone who voted for Obama and the cowardly liberals who run that state did not seize the franchise. Wal-Mart does not like regulations so when it got caught violating one and was ordered to pay a $65,000 fine it fought this fine (at shareholder expense) and lost, but forced the tax payer to spend over $10,000,000 to defeat them. That was intended to warn off other law enforcement personnel from pursuing Wal-Mart's various other crimes, as well as the crimes of other wealthy corporations.

Our criminal justice system, especially at the State level, has been fashioned to concentrate on the minor crimes of Black and Hispanic people and to deliver a mere slap on the wrist to the mighty corporations who can well afford to fight to the death any corporate indictment.

Many corporations engage in extortion and bribery, shaking down municipalities by threatening to move elsewhere if their demands are not met or by corrupting them by offering bribes to community "leaders" to do what the company wants in terms of financial incentives.

And, when Wal-Mart was caught in wide scale bribery in Mexico, the Mexican government, an utterly shameless, bald faced, eternal kleptocracy, let it get away with that crime, as it has let countless businesses and drug operations get away with their crimes, and as it has allowed two Presidential elections to be stolen from the Mexican People during just this past generation.

Revolution Solution objects to the notion, originally used by the Hoover Administration, that tolerates illegal immigration from Mexico, as a "safety valve" to head off a popular Revolution in that country which would cause much financial distress to American companies and investors.

America: Foreign Plutocrats' Safe Place or Beacon of Liberty for Oppressed?

However, the Mexican People have the same God given Right to Revolution that we have. A Revolution there would be bloody and expensive but we must end that blood-splattered hypocrisy and liberate the Mexican people so that their economy can perform for the benefit of ALL Mexicans and not just the tiny, well connected community of stolen wealth who hide their plunder abroad, often in the form of expensive real estate in Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego and New York.

Our Revolution could seal the borders to prevent more such illegality, seize all companies that hire illegals, and deport all undocumented workers but give them guns and ammo as they cross the border so they can help get rid of the Mexican ruling class once and for all and finally gain true freedom and prosperity for the Mexican people, much as we accomplished beginning on April, 19, 1775.

Then we can hire those we need in a safe, non exploitive, well organized, manner, (IF the Mexican People don't decide to stay at home and profit enormously with a new, fair, economic system in place that will do for Mexico today what capitalism did for America until about 30 years ago!) A new Mexican Revolution will cause many American stock and bond prices to plummet and this, in turn, will help We the People by stripping away some of the wealth Wall Street uses to oppress and abuse both the American and Mexican Peoples.

The current Supreme Court is also in the intimidation business, trying to make Americans fear our government, when We the People vitally need to make this Wall Street occupied government fear US! Extralegal property seizure is so immoral that had the British government in the 1770s seized any innocent American's property in a similar, arbitrary manner, it surely would have been included by Thomas Jefferson as one of the reasons he listed that justified our original Revolution.

Why shouldn't this gross injustice be a justification for a Revolution now? The Court has warped our Constitution into a tool of intimidation and oppression, first making corporations people and then giving these "people" more rights than real people.

For example, a corporation may now limit the free speech rights of its employees and even terminate them for trying to exercise those rights, such as the fired employee whose pro-Democrat bumper sticker was too much freedom for the company's chief executive to bear or the union organizer who was advocating for worker rights in the company cafeteria during lunch break and got canned in retaliation.

Why should any American be forced to "mind his tongue" and conform to the reactionary political beliefs of his employer in order to keep his job? Why should this "censorious supremacy" be permitted to rob us of our Right to free speech?

What comes next, a blacklist? Will the corporate elite create a database they can refer to that holds information about the political opinions of We the People? Will the corporations create dossiers they can access at the push of a button and punish someone for his beliefs or refuse to hire someone who insists on being free, or alert them that an individual has been identified by the Corporate State as a "trouble-maker?" One thing for sure, they will keep it a secret and deny doing any such thing.

Supreme Court Says OK to Corporations Limiting Free Speech

When will the Supreme Court rule that creating such dossiers is just part of the free speech rights that corporations now have? Of course, these right wing ideologues will claim this PRIVATE power to restrict free speech is all legal because the original Constitution says only that Congress cannot limit free speech and does not mention corporations, (which hadn't been invented yet at the time of the writing of our Constitution.)

Here we see the corporations and the Supreme Court uniting to allow these private companies to void our free speech Rights and, in doing so, to severely limit our ability to protest with our traditional verbal or written broadsides, which translates to political action to influence the ballot. Since the Supreme Court has allowed the Corporate State to restrict our political speech, while it floods the airwaves with its propaganda, our ballots are now so neutered we shall soon be casting bullets instead.

This is what Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers warned us about in the Declaration of Independence. This document states, clearly, that "when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce us under absolute despotism, it is our Right, it is our Duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for our future security."

It is obviously an abuse of our freedom and democracy to take away our right to free speech and it is a usurpation of the Spirit of America to grant the power to thwart our free speech to companies that are not even patriotic enough to honor our traditional values such as free speech, or to pay taxes on all their earnings. The Supreme Court harbors five utterly evil political appointees willing to subvert our freedom and heritage and to permit the ruling class to continue its theft of our freedom, prosperity and future.

Abraham Lincoln had a similar nemesis in a prior evil court that had made an unquestionably anti Christian decision in a case involving slavery. Honest Abe believed that the Court had decided wrongly and posed this question to illuminate the matter: "If we call a tail a leg how many legs does a horse have? Five,? Nope. It has four legs because calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg."

The five usual suspects today seem to believe that calling a corporate attack on our free speech "Constitutional," makes it so simply because of the arrogant attitude they display and boast about: "The Constitution means whatever we five say it means, and if we say that a tail is a leg then it is so." In reality, they are suffering the delusion of all autocrats, that they may will into existence a fifth leg, a fallacy of logic. No amount of judicial sleight of hand can prove that the Constitution allows corporations to restrict a citizen's Right to free speech. Our Revolutionary guns will speak louder than our feeble, verbal protests.

Revolution Solution will alert and educate Americans about our Right to Revolution and use it as a battering ram to collapse the offensive ability of the currently blossoming Corporate Police State.

These corporations do not care in the least about the rights of the People, just their own power and wealth. That they ally with the five Supreme traitors against our traditions and values vividly illustrates our now desperate need to regain our liberty through ANY means necessary.

Since the corporations choose to ignore traditional American values, focusing on the sheer power, but not the spirit of the law, we know they cannot be trusted with our other national interests, and will continue to harass and fire employees who still believe in our tradition of free speech and to buy politicians to make, and judges to protect, the laws demanded by corporate interests.

Here we see that the free speech rights of the average American to express his political views are less important in the eyes of the Supreme Court than the free speech right corporations now have to inject million$ into the political system they already corrupted. This Court even says that the proprietary rights of a corporation take precedence over the political rights of the citizens to have free, fair and honest elections:

When a dispute arose over the vote count in Ohio in 2004 the Court sided with the proprietary and property rights of the corporation that rented computerized voting machines to that state, and refused to allow independent experts to confirm the veracity of the voting machines in use on that day. Then, on the very day the Court announced its decision against open, transparent democracy, the corporation dismantled and melted all of its suspect machines to prevent the truth from ever getting out.

The right wing objects to the dues of union members being used for political activities that a member objects to but it jealously guards the ability of the corporation to use the money of shareholders for political activities that many shareholders (especially union pension funds) do not support, and to use shareholder money for reactionary political activity without the knowledge or consent of the shareholders. This is not "equal rights under the law" for all.

Union members do not seem to realize that their pension funds are in stocks of corporations that thumb their noses at the Constitution and any other notion of fair play or equality. They also do not know that they have a right to petition for a "union decertification election" by which the members can eliminate or replace their corrupt union officials, all those beached dinosaurs of Bal Harbor, who refuse to divest union pension funds from companies that dishonor our Constitution, which eliminate American jobs and send massive investment to communist China, and which actively seek to destroy the labor movement.

These corrupt unions endorse corrupt, corporation friendly Democrats who eagerly sell-out American workers with unbalanced trade legislation and sweetheart deals for the rich. Our Revolution will help honest, competent unions fight the greedy corporations instead of bedding down with them and meekly acquiescing to these new, severely lowered standards of living.

Americans Are Not Required to Carry "Papers"

However, the Court does say something honest and pro-American from time to time: In a case about who is required to show their ID to the police upon demand, Anthony Kennedy, normally a reliable fascist, explicitly wrote into his majority opinion that most Americans do not realize that they are not required to produce an ID to a law enforcement officer unless they are operating a motor vehicle. If they are on the street, or a passenger in a vehicle, they are only required to verbally tell their name, (and only their name,) and do not have to present their "papers," or even carry "papers" in the first place.

Too bad this decision was not publicized because it is something that can truly help black and Hispanic people because they are the people most often harmed by police shakedowns and harassment.

Revolution Solution needs funds to alert the victims of this injustice that they can, and should, comply with the letter of this law, and never co-operate with their oppressor. We need to endow a legal offense fund so we can go after any law enforcers who abuse their authority to detain, question and demand IDs from free Americans who are not operating a motor vehicle.

Revolution Solution needs funds to educate the public that it has many rights that are being abused on a wholesale basis by law enforcement operating at the behest of the racist right. These funds can be used to pay for firearms training of urban youth by the NRA and rural militias, to teach them the proper use, care, storage and transportation of firearms, and to help them buy weapons for self defense against criminals, police oppressors,politically ambitious prosecutors, politicized judges, corporate executives, racists and vigilantes.

It is far better for an American to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have one. If Trayvon Martin had been armed, he might still be alive today. We the People need to do what the police do: shoot first and not be queasy about it.

Never Forget: In the Land of Equal Rights, Firearms are the Great Equalizer

Actions of the police all across the country have proved the necessity that people of color arm themselves to the teeth for their own self defense as well as their political and economic benefit. It is their Right, and that's why we have a 2nd Amendment.

The broken window theory of law enforcement holds that tolerating small police crimes will just encourage ever more serious crime by them against the People. We can see the way this works in the experience, between 1994 and 2014, of the NYPD being allowed to run wild and rampage against the People and the Constitution by such anti justice Mayors as Benito Giuliani and Benedict Bloomberg.

We must force the NYPD to adhere to all laws, especially the one that says police officers can only engage in a political demonstration if they are off duty and out of uniform. The reality is the NYPD thumbs its collective gestapo nose at this law as we have seen during ugly, lynch mob tinged demonstrations against Mayors David Dinkins in 1992 and Bill de Blasio in 2014.

In 1992, during what became an officially declared police riot outside City Hall by 10,000 officers, hundreds of them on duty and thousands illegally in uniform, chanted racial abuse at the Honorable Mayor: "Nigger! Nigger! Nigger!"

A police union leader who was opposed to Mayor Dinkins' effort to establish an independent citizen review board against police misconduct, organized the riot and actually admitted later that fully 40% (4,000) of the officers at the demonstration engaged in, what he charitably called, "raucous" behavior.

At the time it was difficult to identify the guilty officers but with today's simple, but sophisticated "facial recognition" technology we can identify the culprits, and with the aid of 20 years of judicious hindsight, we can eliminate the pensions of these racist criminals, especially if they have ever testified (or, as NYPD slanguage calls it, "testilied") that they never, ever made racially derogatory comments against blacks. By uncovering this identifying information we can see which officers sent people to prison on perjured testimony and we can save the New York taxpayers millions on unjustified pension benefits and false incarceration costs.

In the more recent case we can see a whole new generation of uniformed officers, many just graduated from the Police Academy, publicly turning their backs on the latest Mayor, Bill de Blasio, before they even had a chance to experience first hand the "hubcap theory" of police behavior. "Hubcapped" rookie officers are quickly and cynically led into illegal behavior by their more experienced brethren who thus gain a weapon to use against them in case any of the new ones try to stop or report illegal police conduct that they witness. Like President Reagan firing the illegally striking air traffic controllers, Mayor de Blasio can show how tough and decisive a leader he is by firing these uniformed, law ignoring, demonstrating miscreants.

Republicans always have a political need to show their wealthy, reactionary paymasters they are tough, macho and thoroughly committed to discrimination and injustice. To do so, they will crack down even more on our Rights but this time We the People will not allow them to harm us, or our political system, because we will have the firepower to enforce our Rights and we will have Revolution Solution dot com to provide the philosophical underpinnings to this vital, patriotic endeavor.

Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

It is always important that the enemy be properly identified, such as Wall Street and the Oligarchs, the Communist Party of China and American importers, the majority of the Supreme Court, the entire Federal Reserve, and, of course, politically inspired racist law enforcement officers on all levels who well deserve to be described as "piggers."

Winning a violent Revolution would be easy and by specifically targeting the rich we could kill enough of them so quickly that the rest, shocked, will just surrender, and take their money and run, and We the People will be free to prosper again.

We can avoid a violent Revolt if we were to deprive the rich of the wealth they wield against us. All we have to do is take actions that will unburden the rich of their un- Christian lucre and thus deprive them of the ability to do us further harm. (See "O Lord, Deliver Us From Wall Street" at

There are two ways to take the wealth of the rich. Just following the philosophy of Jesus and taxing the rich should be enough to achieve the desired result. Jesus, after all, was the first socialist, and he said to the rich: "Sell all your goods and give the money to the poor." (Mat 19:21) We should also adopt the old military dictum: "trust in God but keep your powder dry."

We can TAX THE RICH, by using the political arena to vastly increase the income tax rate on the rich and we can charge them a huge one time wealth tax that can reap immediate dividends to make sorely needed improvements to our national infrastructure while employing millions of Americans at middle class wages to do the actual labor. And, of course, also KICK CHINA COLD TURKEY.

We can also take actions that are designed to drive down the stock market, where the rich park many of their assets. Today the stock market is massively overvalued because it has become the "only game in town," (like the dollar,) attracting the ill begotten wealth that constantly pours into it from all sorts of sketchy characters from around the planet.

Massive wealth is just sitting there waiting for the political will to coalesce around an idea whose time has come: TAX THE RICH and use the funds to finance the rebuilding of America and the American middle class.

The rich are our greatest unexploited natural resource, so lets give them a good drilling and make them pay back all they have stolen and then some.

We don't want people to continue being overwhelmed by the various moral depredations of the Ruling Class. In a democracy people should feel comfortable and safe. Our Revolution will be the tossing of a virtual monkey wrench into the machinery of social and economic injustice.

The Corporate State wants to deny us our basic, hard earned rights. To them, it is a point of pride to undo the social advances of the past century to solidify their perch on power and to impress their new friends, the Chinese communists, but to our People, labor rights are a necessity to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. The rich are not committed to democracy but instead want to join with their old aristocratic friends abroad and their new communist friends and usher in an unstoppable world wide oligarchy of reactionary wealth, a juggernaut crushing all opposition, blotting out freedom, common decency and our American Dream.

The Corporate State: Liar to, Looter of, the American Family

The corporations want to subvert traditional bonds between people such as mother/child and physician/patient. If a mother shopping with her young children in a supermarket decides to by-pass the candy isle the corporation sees to it that candy will always be at the check out line where the children are a captive audience and can hound the mom for those highly profitable treats. Or if a doctor prescribes a medication to his patient, competing pharmaceutical corporations will undermine the patient/doctor relationship and advertise on news shows, to get the patient agitated enough to force her doctor to prescribe the competing drug instead.

Corporations engage in these types of raids because they have no respect for such personal relationships that inhibit their profits. We must reorder society so the People are on top, masters of the economy, respected by the rich, and just plain left alone to live and let live.

Lets stop denigrating motherhood and lets reestablish the single income earner family such as the economy enjoyed in the post war decades. The economy functioned so well back then that the long term American tradition of mom staying home to nurture the kids kicked into high gear and paid handsome dividends in terms of education and personal character. With full employment fed prosperity rolling across the land an entire new generation grew up unencumbered by the dead weights of depression and war that had held their parents back.

There were no kiddie kennels back then. If a mom had to go somewhere she'd just drop her child off at the neighbors and return the favor later. The economy today, however, has been so ruined by the Corporate State, and its greed, incompetence and dishonesty, that a family now needs two wage earners just to get by and can no longer give undivided attention to an eager, growing mind exactly when it is most fertile for learning.

The Corporate State is fearful of eager, growing minds because it remembers the wrenching experience of the post war Baby Boom that nurtured individualism, shunned mindless conformity and endowed a generation with a social conscience strong enough to question authority and to resist it. And the Corporate State was the "authority" that youth detested.

Then, President Nixon and his loyal reactionary henchmen came up with their strategy for the destruction of this middle class inspired youth revolt. Nixon's most pernicious legacy is his assault on the middle class American family that had produced a generation of seekers, far more aware, involved and demonstrative than previous ones, (or subsequent ones.) This new consciousness provoked a youthful activism that was inspired by the very ideas of peace and justice that Nixon and his cronies hated and feared.

Nixon destroyed the middle class that produced this generation so that it could never again give birth to another such vibrant youth movement. In 1971 Nixon floated the dollar by kicking gold from under it, which unleashed a massive inflationary spiral that forever ruined the chance that the middle class would remain healthy and prosperous with the mom safely anchored at home cheerfully sculpting the kids into open minded liberals.

By ruining the economy with mass inflation Nixon forever destroyed the reality of a single middle class wage earner and thus condemned the future children of America to spend their most important formative years not in the arms of their loving mothers, but in the clutches of a faceless, chaotic, profit driven kiddie kennel.

This was not an improvement, as some feminists insist, but the beginning of the end of the traditional American family and the rise of the corporate controlled family and all the un Americanism that entails. Feminists have been barking up the wrong tree for ages. Women have made many strides in acting more like men, when the true need of society is to make men more like women, to be more conciliatory, compassionate and cooperative.

The Supreme Court wants to further harm us by giving the corporations actual power to blatantly violate our free speech Rights. When the Court had a choice between preserving our long tradition of free speech or advancing its pet theory of "strict construction," the Court voted against freedom and the 1st Amendment, and permitted American Citizens to be fired by private employers on the sole basis of their political beliefs, and, in doing so, displayed its true colors of destructive anti Americanism. Thanks to these five black robed political ideologues the fates of individual, once free, Americans are now at the whim of reactionary corporations and the rich people who run them and wish to do us harm.

Let us harm them instead.

Corporate Entitlement

A New York Times article reveals how far corporations are willing to go to abuse the privacy rights of Americans: "Your Call (and Rants on Hold) Will Be Monitored," by Ken Belson, 1/11/05. For the past ten years (at least) corporations that are connected to individuals who call an 800 number can, and do, record everything, and not only the actual conversation with the agent. If you are waiting for an agent, the corporation pipes in music or advertisements or silence, and while you are sitting holding the phone, your phone becomes an open microphone that allows the corporation to record things that are said in the "privacy" of your own home during this innocent, routine, voluntary phone call.

The corporations know that most Americans do not understand that what they are hearing through the earpiece does not interfere with the making of a recording through the microphone enabled mouthpiece, nor do they know the corporation is not even required to warn them about it. Sneakiness is the modus operandi of the corporations, which bought a big dollop of deregulation to make it all go down easier.

This reveals the depth of unjust entitlement that corporations harbor against We the People. Since they got the technology to do this, they simply paid their lobbyists and lawyers to make it all legal, and now families do not even know that recordings of their private conversations exist in the computer bowels of huge corporations with which corporations (and hackers) can do anything they want.

It is not Big Brother we need to worry about, but Big Business!

Widespread Civil Disobedience = Antidote to Corporate Greed and Entitlement

The second way to take back our democratic power from the rich is with a plan to drive down the "value" of stocks and bonds and to cause an increase in interest rates charged to big corporations, both of which may be accomplished through ad hoc uprisings of the outraged that will put the wealth of the rich on a steep down slope, just like the greed of the rich has put our middle class on a steep down slope.

We can make them hurt by causing a decline in the confidence that investors, especially investors from overseas, feel for the future health of the American economy, and by resorting to the untapped Revolutionary power just waiting to be employed on behalf of American tradition and national security. We can rejuvenate the Preamble of the Constitution and require all government actions to be predicated on the promises found therein.

Our people have been so often betrayed by the Congress and the Supreme Court, that they are probably already angry enough to partake in some serious sabotage against the Corporate State. The people are outraged at all the dishonest, incompetent rich being bailed out by the taxpayers and protected by legislators and judges who have set up this new system in which "all classes are equal, but one class is more equal than others." (Apologies to George Orwell)

Large scale civil disobedience is the key and there are a lot of locks that can be forced open. There are many choke points on which a Revolutionary movement can apply real pressure and many of these are in urban areas, especially freeways and rail transit used by suburban commuters.

These commuter routes all pass through the poverty stricken inner city neighborhoods that surround the city business core, which is the realm of the corporate elite. Here, right beside the freeway, we can make highly visible statements of protest, display signage and take our stand.

Since most unethical and un American corporate activity is concentrated in big buildings in downtown areas of big cities, the Achilles' heel of the Ruling Class becomes the transportation infrastructure which conveys tens of millions of their employees everyday from the 'burbs to downtown business centers.

Remember the occurrence of New Jersey's "Bridgegate," a simple little ploy to make commuting a nightmare for a disfavored few? Multiply such lane closures by the thousands every single day, all around the land, both during the morning rush as well as the afternoon egress, and see how long conservative commuters will continue to support police brutality, the export of our jobs to hostile, low wage dictatorships, and the continued undemocratic ascendancy of wealth at the expense of our liberty, prosperity and Right to free speech.

Blocking lanes at the choke points around cities would be very simple, employing such processes as protester's using old cars to engage in a " freeway demolition derby" to slow and stop thousands of vehicles on their way into the city as well as their way out later. Massive daily traffic jams will ensue causing millions of commuters all around the country to arrive hours late for work. Protesters can also place objects like old refrigerators in the lanes to slow down the commute and can use similar tactics to stop rail traffic.

We can stop the motor of the world!

After a few weeks of this and the steeply declining stock market that will surely accompany it, the rich and their political puppets will cry "Uncle" and start making amends. If the Ruling Class chooses to use force against We the People, we can match and exceed that force with the employment of our God given Right to violent Revolution, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and empowered by the Second Amendment.

The rhetoric of the right has held for generations now that we need the free ownership of firearms to protect Liberty from the overarching undemocratic power of the federal government. It has now become apparent to most Americans that the only overarching undemocratic power extant is that of the Corporate State used against ordinary people and that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. It is real easy to adapt the rhetoric of the pro gun right to the political and financial needs of the oppressed American from the middle class straight down to the abject poor.

During our original Revolution, our British enemy castigated us for being "heathen" and "savages" because we adopted the fighting methods of the indigenous population to defeat the occupier. Our vastly outnumbered "Minutemen" adjusted to the Revolutionary reality and chose not to engage superior forces directly, but to use hit and run attacks to pick off the leaders of the British army, who made themselves glorious targets in their red uniforms looming on high, white horses above the troops.

These courageous Minutemen created a precedent and a traditional fighting style that would well serve us in today's fascist corporate climate. Today, there is no need to kill the police and National Guard, who are, after all, working class, unless they are actually gunning us down at the moment. To defend our Rights we should, instead, cheer the police, pat them on the back, give them flowers and then go around them to attack the rich, who have lots of high horses at which to aim.

There will be no need for barricades because We the People will be on the offense.

The rich can run, but they can't hide. The various lairs where they gather in large numbers are well known. Every city is ringed with well-to-do areas that harbor exclusive country clubs which cost a million dollars to join with a $100,000 per year membership fee. Therefore, it is likely that a whole greedle of the enemy rich can be found luxuriating in a single place simultaneously so we can exercise our patriotic self defense in a highly efficient manner.

Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger on a Harley, rumbling across the millionaire studded fairways, double barreled shotgun in one hand and an Uzi in the other, meting out poetic justice to all the greedy executives he sees, (but sparing the caddies and groundskeepers,) making his final stop, grenade launcher firmly in grip, at the 19th Hole, (but sparing the busboys and the bartenders.)

Or we can see Revolutionaries disguised as a motorcycle club on an outing peeling off from the pack and visiting a few country clubs en route, and letting the wealthy know their anti-Americanism will no longer be tolerated. And a nice, little old gray haired lady, a former radical, waiting nearby, the trunk of her new Buick wide open, ready to conceal the smoking arsenal.

As any reader can see, (especially those who are adept at reading between the lines,) these pages are teeming with new, unique and vital ideas to repair the Wall Street caused problems currently suffered by America. The American People are victims of the lies and PERJURY of various various government officials, especially from the Federal Reserve, as well as corporate executives and other economic "experts" who assured us and Congress, UNDER OATH, that if we lowered taxes on the rich all these great things would happen to our National economy. These perjuries go back decades and the terrific things that were promised never materialized. And now we suffer because of that.

Perjury is a crime and the Supreme Court has repeatedly held that property acquired as a result of a crime can be forfeited to the State literally DECADES after the crime occurred and common law has always held that the statute of limitations does not begin tolling until the discovery of a fraudulent action.

We are talking about the RICO Act and its close cousin, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which (theoretically) prosecute large scale corporate malfeasance. The remedy that applies to these types of crimes includes the seizure of the criminal company and the auctioning of its assets for the public good. Since only the major executives of the guilty companies are the ones actually responsible for the crime, the lesser employees can easily benefit, by applying for a reward for bringing the crime to light, and by having their salaries paid for a period of time long exceeding normal unemployment insurance because the public, including whistle blowers, is legally entitled to benefit from the sale of the assets of the offending company.

Revolution Solution is seeking funding that will publicize these ideas and take control of the public conversation about these matters. As you can see in the different sections of this prospectus, there are a great many new and interesting ideas being advanced that can kick off a pro-American Revolution that will be wholly on the side of the American People and will seek to destroy the influence of the Corporate State.

Advertising, research, travel and legal expenses need funding. As mentioned earlier, the Supreme Court decision that specifically repudiates any requirement that non-drivers need to present their "papers" to the police upon demand is the law of the land! Think about it: Would you like to cause a BIG stink in, say, Arizona, by educating the public, in two languages, about this decision AND by advocating the Right of the People, ALL the People of Arizona, to keep and bear arms? This stink can be had with enough donations!

This course of action would be especially fertile because we use the rhetoric of the right wing to advance progressive causes, an idea never before tried. Do you think that right wingers, especially those who salute the star crossed flag of treason, would sit quietly by while people of color arm themselves to specifically oppose the misuse of police authority? The right wing will fulminate loudly and flaunt a very public temper tantrum, which can be exploited to the max in a way that would reveal that the right is not only insincere and hypocritical, but fascist crybabies who cannot be trusted with the future security of our Free State.

The right wing thinks it has the exclusive Right to keep and bear arms so just imagine how it will react when it sees People of color opting into its most sacred rhetoric. Their reaction will be priceless and will generate much positive publicity for the cause of Revolution as well as even more contributions.

Once We the People get to the point of arming ourselves to explicitly protect our Rights from the abuse of governmental authority, a cascade of Revolutionary actions will sweep across the land causing widespread civil disobedience and social and economic turmoil that would lead to a decline in the stock market, harming the rich, and, ultimately, winning Victory for the cause of traditional Americanism.

Plus, happily, we shall improve our status from being the prey into being the predator.

All in all, Revolution is a good, pro American investment that will continue to pay dividends all across the land for a long time to come, (just like our first one.) The more money we have to work with, the sooner and more powerful will be our victory. And Arizona isn't the only possible venue for these actions. New York City would also be a fine laboratory for this Revolution, and so would thousands of other places.

You be the judge: is this broadside on the correct track, saying what needs to be said, and proposing what needs to be done? Let your dollars shout.

Contributors to this cause will have a forum on the Revolution Solution site where they can promote local actions or other similar ideas. This is the beginning of a free and prosperous future for ALL Americans. Or, as Governor Ronald Reagan once said: "If it's a bloodbath they want, so be it!"

A Personal Note About the Author

In a personal note, the author of these pages became seriously ill with a heart dissection, a tear in the heart, that occurred while hiking in the woods in the Adirondacks. A open heart operation a few hours later saved his life, but the event showed the depth of the author's commitment to social and political Justice:

At two miles up the trail he could not get back to the trail head for help but used another trail, closer but closed to the public, that exited the woods at a Federal Prison in Ray Brook, NY. This happened to be the day of a prison break at another facility 60 miles away and the authorities at Ray Brook mistook the author, and his backpack, as being at the forefront of yet another attempted break and threatened the author with arrest for illegally trespassing on Federal Prison property without an ID.

Even though exhausted and extremely ill, the author launched into a spirited explanation of the Supreme Court decision that held that no person is required to carry ID and present it upon demand to the authorities. Shortly thereafter, when a State Trooper appeared and wanted permission to inspect his backpack, the author refused, citing civil liberty concerns.

Later, while preparing for the operation, the surgeon told the author that there was a 20% chance he'd die on the operating table. This highish probability stimulated the author to recruit a nurse to open up this very Indiegogo site, complete the "story" and go "live" even if he were to end up dead. The author believed he had all the ducks lined up and only needed to "launch," a but a glitch involving a needed video appeared and almost derailed the project.

The author then instructed the nurse to send an email from his account to a friend telling her he was undergoing emergency heart surgery in a few minutes and if he didn't make it would she please complete the video requirement so the people could at least see this offering. (The author is olde fashioned and believes the written word can create a very complex picture in the mind's eye that can't be replicated in a video and the use of the imagination is preferable to video enhancements anyway.)

In any event, he survived the operation and has enjoyed the ability to add a few pages and edit what needed to be edited while recuperating.

An account of this event appeared in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise under the title: "Near Death, Conception and Prison - At the Same Time," July 10, 2015, and is available on its website,

The author is recovering nicely and will not use any contributions to this cause to pay his medical bills.