Baby Tax

In the event the Supreme Court ends abortion rights as we know them at some point in the near future, as is theoretically possible, our Nation must prepare for that eventuality and the problems that will accompany it.

In recent years approximately one million babies have been aborted in the womb annually, which means, roughly, that upon abolition approximately one million babies will be born who wouldn’t have been had Roe v Wade remained intact. That is one million unexpected babies and one million obviously unwanted babes.

Unwanted by the mothers, that is, but not by society, at least for the foreseeable future. As there is a very lengthly adoption waiting list for healthy white newborns that extends nearly a decade we can’t say that most of the unexpected crop will be orphans. There are plenty of loving families that will rush to adopt these children who will easily rescue the first batch of one million. The following one or two or three years will see many of those same families adopt more little sprouts but at some point the baby market will become saturated and then the problems will REALLY take root.

In the first year after abolition one million will be born to mothers who are unprepared and, often, ill-suited to care for such a bundle. Many new mothers who choose to keep their child will be un-employed and suffer physical or mental ill health or both. Some will need extensive (and expensive) pre-natal healthcare and continuing care for both themselves and their child and, of course, the prospect of welfare looms large as well.

Even if the mother can afford to keep the child in five years it will enter the public school system. Five years after abolition one million children will appear at the schoolhouse door and every subsequent year, for the foreseeable future, another one million will make their appearance. Five years after abolition there will be FIVE million new and (as of now) unexpected children needing an education and after ten years that figure will be ten million. By the time the first batch graduates high school more than twelve million kids will be added to the school roles that already will include (after normal population growth) more than fifty million young souls.

Abolition will require a significant addition to our school budgets and that will require new taxes.

As the deluge of new babies dries up the pool of adopting families it will be necessary and proper to expand this pool to include non-traditional families such as single parent and gay couples. The big expen$e, however, will be the institutions that will have to be formed to take up the backlog of all the children who did not find their way into the limited number of adoptive homes.

We do not want to warehouse these kids in the type of orphanages that proliferated in decades past, which were incubators of adults with all sorts of emotional problems that often became social problems, but should instead give these young innocents every chance at a happy and fruitful life and equal access to all the joys of growing up in middle class America.

This will necessitate huge expenditures to house these children in a normal family type environment and integrate them into the surrounding community, its schools and activities, and into the various religious Institutions that will look after them. Many churches and synagogues and mosques can and will help with the heavy lifting of raising these kids and nourishing their bodies, minds and spirits and we as a society cannot be squeamish about which kid goes to which religion.

The best way to care for these children, would be in either religious or secular housing, at taxpayer expense, in relatively small group homes presided over by middle aged couples, whose own children are grown, and who will commit to at least 21 years of care and see their charges safely through college. Full scholarships for these kids should also be provided to give them that little extra boost into mature adulthood. To avoid a chaotic home atmosphere these group homes should be limited to no more than eight kids, all of the same age and gender. The houses should look and feel like any other home with a large family and the kids will participate in all the activities of the neighborhood and community.

To pay the house parents and the expenses of these childhoods we the taxpayers will have to ante up a sum sufficient to see these kids through each and every year of their childhoods in a comfortable middle class lifestyle. The cost will vary according to region, rural, suburban or urban as well as various other factors.

The rule of thumb would be to budget at least $150,000 per year for these families of ten persons, not including health care costs. (An approximate cost works out to $20,000 per child per year for each year of a twenty-one year generation, about twenty billion dollars, a not unreasonable sum that covers only the expenses of the children in group homes.)

This “unexpected generation” of twenty-one million souls MUST be accommodated to the standards of our advanced liberal democracy. None of these children deserve, or need, to be left behind. Since most Americans are Christian, this baby tax that must be instituted will be aglow with one of our most cherished National values, Christian Charity. And this Christian Charity will ensure that the coming appearance of an “unexpected generation” will not devolve into yet another lost generation.