American Secret (part 1)

Dear Economist:

Being Europeans, and United Kingdomers to boot, you've proved unable to enjoy a clear view of the reality of advanced multi-mix states, a blind spot evidenced in the woeful gap in "When Countries Die" (October 26,1985.) You listed quite a few Lebanonising countries in drawing your conclusions, but totally missed Switzerland and the greatest and most mixed polyglots, the United States and Canada. When you think of it, America is the original third-world country, a land that kicked out an oppressive tyrant long before that tyrant even began looting further victims.

The secret of the American success in assimilating our many profoundly different races, religions, into a unified whole is one that virtually every other nation on the planet is loath to try because it would break the power of the tyrants and committees of tyrants that rule it. The secret, (and a rather open one at that,) is free enterprise, the capability of people to control their own lives and destinies by being able to work, save, invest, keep and use freely what they have earned. This allows people to experience an unfettered self-confidence and self respect, to to recognize and respect others with these qualities without regard to race, creed and language.

In a free economy the dollar is the great equalizer and one's individual character is of paramount importance in attaining that dollar and further rewards. Throughout North American history many different types lived and worked together and the mutual co-operation and the prosperity that followed built the greatest-by-far nation in history.

Yet other countries won't emulate America because the ensuing desocialisation would put the tyrants and their intellectuals out of business.

Richard Gombas

November, 1985