After the Revolution

When our Revolution is successful, the FOG out of power, the Washington/Wall Street Axis demolished and the New World Order a grand Jeffersonian Democracy of political and economic justice for all the world's People, we shall witness the true flowering of the human spirit.

UNIVERSAL DEBT FORGIVENESS means just that: for ALL the world's People. No American nor any other person anywhere shall owe anything to anybody or any institution. The methods of oppression, the use of debt as a leash on human freedom shall be broken as ALL debts will be forgiven and a new economic/financial regime will take the place of the unfair concentration of wealth in the hands of a tiny minority of the planet's population.

As in true Jeffersonian Democracy wealth AND power shall be spread as evenly as possible in order to assure that all People and People will achieve their highest potential.

Without the current anchor of debt we will attain peace, freedom, justice and brotherhood and forge a new world order from the old new world order.

In America this is especially important because the current unprecedented burden of debt will soon crash and crush what is now touted as the "strongest" economy in history. Today, we hear the economists speak of "adjusting for inflation," that is, comparing how this economy looks like next to others in recent history when all facts and figures are evened out to allow for the ravages of prior inflation. For example, the price of a gallon of gasoline at $1.00 is less, adjusted for inflation than when it was $.35 per gallon. The economists and politicians crow about this as if it were their greatest accomplishment, but what we never hear about is how the economy would look if they adjusted for the massive DEBT that supports it.

Not only is the DEBT massive and utterly unprecedented, it is hidden in plain sight from citizens and politicians who should have known better than to have permitted it to have grown to such monstrous proportions. Now we ignore it at our peril and as soon as the inevitable economic contraction occurs the debt will turn around and consume us.

Hence the need for a Revolution Solution to protect our property and prosperity by providing the plan for UNIVERSAL DEBT FORGIVENESS. Once the economic crunch comes and we aren't prepared with such a plan we Americans will lose virtually everything as the big banks will end up legally owning most of the physical property here in America as loans are called in, as smaller banks and other financial institutions get swallowed up by the mega-banks after the stock market spectacularly crashes leaving a HUGE, 75%+ unemployment rate.

This unemployment rate will be much larger than that which followed the previous big crash and depression simply becaus we have a quite different economy now than we did then. Just like the generals who are always preparing to fight the previous war, economists today have the problem of the 1930's style depression licked. The problem is we no longer have a 1930's style economy.

Back then America had a labor intensive, manufacturing based economy. Today, the system is hostile to working People and is a capital intensive, service economy. This means that when capital evaporates, so do jobs as well as everything that is dependent on those jobs. When our capital evaporates with the crash of stocks the entire service sector which is 100% dependent on the smooth flow of capital will grind to a halt and shed most of its jobs. A stock, like any other commodity is worth ONLY what someone is willing to pay for it and when the bubble bursts and no-one is willing any longer to pay the debt-inflated prices everyone will lose, first in the values of their portfolios followed by an even more sickening crunch in the values of their homes and other real property. The job losses will seal our fates.

When most of us no longer have jobs we will no longer have the ability to service our mortgages and we will inevitably be foreclosed. It does no one any good to have a $100,000 mortgage on a house that is no longer sellable at even half that price and the only ones to profit from your unemployment will be the banks which will end up owning almost everything. The REVOLUTION SOLUTION of UNIVERSAL DEBT FORGIVENESS will save our property and create a new prosperity.

With NO DEBT whatsoever the economy will be unshackled and will soar to undreamed of heights of prosperity for ALL the common folk, who will come out on top, for once.

ALL government debt, ALL business debt and ALL personal debt will be marked "PAID IN FULL" and we will be FREE to build new lives and rebuild our sorely neglected economic infrastructure.

The field of health care illustrates just how the Revolutionary Plan will work. Currently, 40% of every health care dollar goes to service the debts of various health care institutions, from hospital construction to medical technology to physician related debts such as office expenses, partnerships, medical educations and personal debts. UNIVERSAL DEBT FORGIVENESS will immediately wipe out this 40% thus eliminating 40% of health care costs right off the top.

That is a big savings but we can add another 30% to that figure simply by eliminating all current health insurance plans. The insurance bureaucracy alone eats up close to 30% of every health care dollar and really doesn't accomplish anything but employment for petty clerks and big fat salaries for the executives while costing doctors and their patients untold headaches and heartaches.

AFTER THE REVOLUTION we can immediately cut our health care bill by at least 70% by forgiving all the debts and closing down the insurance industry and not a single doctor or patient will be harmed. By eliminating the debt and the bureaucracy we can lower the insurance premium by adopting a system of NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE that is simply a system in which all premiums are pooled into a giant bank account fund, accruing interest, that is drawn down by physicians AS NEEDED. Without the waste of the debt and the bureaucracy, the fund will provide adequate health care to all who need it at only 30% of current costs. Self-policing, the honest physicians will notice and identify any fraud going on and everyone will come out ahead.

But the main effect of this Revolution will be in providing good, solid, lifetime jobs at solid, middle-class wages for all Americans. The key will be in switching back from the debt laden capital intensive service economy to one that provides solid employment to working People in manufacturing and building trades.

We need to rebuild our economic infrastructure, which is crumbling even today in this lauded "sound" economy. Roads, bridges, housing, railroads, sewerage, pipelines, aquaducts etc all need serious revamping and AFTER THE REVOLUTION these necessities will no longer suffer neglect.

By rearranging our priorities we will be able to wring greater benefits from all economic activities.

For example, by putting a 200 year moratorium on all logging operations we can stimulate the economy in previously undreamed of ways. We will always need wood, certainly, but how we get the wood will make all the difference. America is a large country but our wood products come from relatively limited areas. By shutting down these operations and instead getting wood from Eastern Russia we can create needs and markets for other products and services. Russia is on its knees financially and can be persuaded to part with a large amount of its timber located in Siberia for what amounts to peanuts. We can harvest its timber and do so in an environmentally sensitive manner that will not rape and pillage the forest as American timber companies are wont to do while providing much needed capital and employment for the Russian People.

Of course, we'll need to transport all the timber here which means we will need a huge new fleet of freighters to bring it here. As all debt will have been eliminated there will be plenty of new, unencumbered capital to build these ships which will mean a great deal of employment for ship builders, which will mean a great new need for steel which will mean employment for steelworkers and well as iron miners as well as for the transport of iron and steel which will mean a need for transport workers and new trains and barges. Then we will need a whole new class of sailors to man the freighters and as shipboard employment has traditionally been a place to put laborers who might be too rambunctious for more sedentary jobs, this new timber industry will give gainful employment and remove from the streetcorner many People who are unemployed or underemployed or even unemployable today. By placing red-light districts at either end, in both Siberia and in US ports we can keep these folks out of mischief much of the time.

The US timber workers can easily be featherbedded until they find adequate employment in other trades as UNIVERSAL DEBT FORGIVENESS will free up massive amounts of new capital to smooth over various rough edges. Another featherbedded industry can be coal mining.

The use of coal as an energy source is dirty and dangerous and inefficient compared with other energy sources such as ethanol which is cheap (when made correctly) cleaner and renewable.

And ethanol can also provide a host of new and better ramifications for the economy than can coal and oil.

The chief beef against ethanol has always been the alleged necessity to double the planting of corn and other high starch vegetables to create it. But what is little known is that more than 90% of our corn crop goes to provide feed for hogs, cattle and chickens. It turns out, however, that the process by which ethanol is extracted from corn leaves a mash that is still 100% nutritious to livestock. Animals will eat this mash with nary a wimper. So all that is needed is to put an extra step in the process of moving the corn from farm to feedlot, the process that will extract the ethanol. Farmers will benefit because they will be paid MORE for the same crop, once from the ethanol distillers and again from the feedlots. Farmers, getting paid more, will need to charge less and the cost of food for the consumer will go down. This cheaper ethanol will be sold to industry and electric power plants to replace dirtier, unrenewable coal and oil. Coal companies will become the dinosaurs of modern industry and their strip mines will be converted to landfills for the garbage of cities and suburbs. Transported by freight train and dumped into these vast open pits, many of them a mile across and a thousand feet deep, the capacity for garbage will be virtually limitless. The transport and disposal of the trash will employ many more workers than the mines themselves ever did and with proper management can be done in an environmentallysensitive manner. Many more freight cars and locomotives will need to be built providing employment to many more workers in the manufacturing, steel and iron industries. Coalminers can be saved from the black lung.