A Date That Lives in Hypocrisy

In 1984 Margaret Thatcher delivered a message of stunning cruelty to the six million freedom loving capitalists of Hong Kong: "Under the spreading banyan tree, I sold you, you're no more free," and an unlucky 13 years later, July 1, 1997, the People's Liberation (Red) Army goose stepped its way into that hoodwinked former colony. On hand for the sorry spectacle were Prince Charles and Vice President Gore, both enthusiastically applauding the surrender of these six million formerly free souls to the merciless butchers of Tiananmen.

And America snored. Future historians will date the snowballing of America's moral decline with this perfidy. Never again can America claim to be an idealistic nation under God wanting only to extend His blessings of liberty to the oppressed around the world. We, too, sold out the six million because our true guiding light is no longer a just God in Heaven, but rather the god of greed, Mammon, on Wall Street.

Mammon, the nightmare of early American Christendom and a juicy target for William Jennings Bryan, was held by most Americans as the incarnation of a Satan ever yearning to destroy their liberty, who tried mightily to subvert the teachings of Jesus and make it appear that the single minded pursuit of wealth at all costs was actually an exercise in Christian patriotism.

Even such a luminous paragon of patriotic virtue, Mitch McConnell, fell under the sway of this Godless Mammon who now embraces the Communist Party of China, and in this Senate Leader's slavering subservience to the demands of Wall Street, sponsored the U.S. Hong Kong Act of 1992, which institutionalized the sell-out of the six million and passed both chambers of Congress with large majorities of both parties and was signed into law by the person who had been vice president when President Reagan defeated the Soviet Union. How hastily did the hypocrites abandon the moral high ground. Now they abandon us.

This loss of freedom suffered by the six million was just what Wall Street (and the City of London) ordered. Never before had the United States meekly acquiesced to such a surrender. During the sixties and seventies we willingly sacrificed the lives of 58,156 young men in the struggle to contain communism, claiming that South Vietnam was a domino we could ill allow to fall, but then just a generation later we dishonored the memories of those heroes by not fighting for, or otherwise championing the cause of, the six million condemned to tyrannical communism. Not a single American politician or alleged patriot raised even a whimpering voice in opposition to this crime against humanity, nor did the rest of America shed a single tear at our own loss of political morality.

But we made Beijing and Wall Street very happy. This is one of the reasons we need to overthrow the Washington/Wall Street Axis. It is obvious now that these northeast power centers can no longer be trusted with the future well being of the American People. They are traitors to our national values, our national spirit and our national future. They are willing to do anything for money, even treason. They have more money than Croesus and they are eager to use it against us, to steal our freedom and eliminate our middle class as a competitor against them for the ever dwindling dollars. They have all the bases covered: The politicians, the lobbyists, the media, the Ivy League. And should a traditional American value manage to slip past this Corporate State gauntlet they have the Supreme Court in their hip pocket, five ideologues, five aces of spades, the ultimate stacked deck.

The Washington/Wall Street Axis started the current scam by distracting us with the controversy over the whole NAFTA thing while silently setting up the sell out to China to blind side us with the sudden appearance of an Asian money sucking machine with a particular taste for green-back dollars and a voracious appetite for ever more American lucre.

But China is far more addicted to our donation$ to their economy and our help in keeping their people in line than we are to their loans, especially when we can simply return to our traditional business roots and empower our small scale entrepreneurs to pick up the considerable slack that will occur when we finally kick China cold turkey. All the little gizmos and do-dads that come from China can be manufactured here, by American workers, just like we did in generations past. We should buy only products that have the "made in America" flag on them. If we keep our money in our country then our people will benefit. And prosper. And be happy again.

An indebted people are not a free people. The Chinese escaped from their debt with their Revolution in 1949. When we suddenly stop hand feeding them our hard earned dollars they will experience withdrawal symptoms and other disharmony which will only encourage hundreds of millions of human souls to rise up in righteous fury at what has been done to them by the current unholy alliance of Western capitalists and Chinese communists. A new Chinese revolution is a human right and necessity that is also in the best interest of the USA.

A new revolution there will eliminate forced abortions and the persecution of every religion imaginable, including Communist Party insistence that it alone may choose major Tibetan lamas and Catholic cardinals. The Party also decrees the systematic dilution and destruction of Muslim religious integrity and culture in East Turkestan. The next Chinese Revolution will make freedom of religion, freedom of speech and rule of law flourish where no such things have ever existed before. There is no way short of revolution that can help liberate the Chinese people to renew their traditional culture (and thus ensure our own safety and prosperity.)

We can not assume that China does not want to become an antagonist and rival of America because we know good and well that such an outlook is in Beijing's nature: witness its neurotic relationship with Taiwan. Beijing parses diplomacy like no other, so when Beijing falls into a snitty state of denial in matters regarding the revolutionary right of the Taiwanese people to be free to their own self determination, (a favorite slogan of Mao's,) we can spy its Achilles' heel. (Hint: it involves the Party's cowardly fear of its own citizens, especially their desire for Liberty.)

The sheer fact that Beijing expends so much time and energy and military capital harping about this issue should serve as a flashing red warning flag about how a much stronger Beijing would act to demand amends for the many and varied insults to the Chinese people inflicted over the past 200 years at the hands of Europeans. Beijing is positively obsessive-compulsive about the issue of Taiwan, which was settled 63 years ago.

To the Chinese we Americans are European, and there is plenty of blame to go around, but the physical, philosophical, and psychological motive force of 21st Century Chinese popular and patriotic culture will obviously be to avenge past wrongs. And get control of Taiwan. As we used to say in Brooklyn, "wait till next year," they have long said in China, "wait till next century." So, supposedly, this one will be the long awaited Chinese payback Century.

Does anyone in the national security community doubt that a China rolling in trillions of our hard earned dollars would use every cent of it to make up for historic murder, pillage and humiliation? Nation building and military expansion in China requires a nationalist spirit equal to the go-go energy of its ballooning economy and 60+ years of successful Party propaganda puts plenty of experience into the current effort to achieve a communist era level of blind obedience to the brave new capitalist era Corporate State. The Party will change its tune, but not its spots, and train the sheeple to a new bleat: "communist legs good, capitalist legs better."

Traditional Chinese culture has been slipping down the tubes since 1949, with increased velocity in recent decades propelled by the neo-internationalist desire to get rich at all costs, just like in America. The reason U.S. corporate executives get along so well with the communist/capitalists of China is they are birds of a feather, albeit in a reptilian way: cold blooded greed for power. But the chemistry they enjoy together creates a bond between them greater and greedier than anything ever dreamed of by sundry fascists, caudillos, barons and sheiks. We must do more than resist them, we must oppose them.

If Wall Street, in pursuit of profits, tries to hand the financial means of eventual military superiority to the Chinese, We the People must, in defense of national security, get these traitors out of power by any means necessary.

Our most unnoticed national security threat is the one stealthily hidden in Panama awaiting a PLA move against Taiwan at which time the Chinese company, Hutcinson-Whampoa, which runs the day-to-day operations of our former canal in Panama, closes the canal, (by creating an act of terrorism,) and thus bottles up our eastern port navy and prevents it from delivering military aid and supplies in time to save freedom in Taiwan. The PLA believes that since we didn't stick our neck out to save the six million, we won't do so either for Taiwan.

We owned the Panama Canal for nearly a century, we built it, we paid for it, we ran it and we defended it. It is ours and our national security demands we get it back. China is making massive inroads into our traditional trading partners in Latin America as well as in emerging African nations. China, with its arrogance and heavy handed tactics, is also making numerous enemies in those regions among the population, and corrupts the leaders with red bribery. The Chinese Communist Party is the most corrupt government on this planet and in their overseas endeavors they hope to serve as an example and create a system of corruption that they can exploit and control for their national benefit.

America became a great country because in the nineteenth century we had the three most important things needed for democratic nation building: the rule of law, human resources and natural resources. But in the post war period we chose to help develop the Third World according to our needs and for our profit, backing brutal dictators every step of the way.

Today we are providing laptop computers for children in those areas who don't even have clean water and sewerage. We are barking up the wrong tree when we try to shoe-horn them into the 21St Century, when they are really in need of the kind of philosophy and institutions that we used to democratic advantage in the 19th Century. Only with the basics in place can a credible future proceed.

We have proved our inability to compete with China, and it's only going to get worse. By stealing our secrets and using our money the Chinese communist party and the PLA is getting stronger by the day, just like the Nazis did during the 1930s. However, we will never be able to militarily defeat them when the need arises, if we persist in clinging to outmoded forms of warfare. The Chinese are rocking full tilt boogie to achieve an ability to destroy our defense and other systems by remote control via the internet and the Pentagon reports that the PLA makes thousands of such attempts every day probing for weaknesses that can later be exploited. The PLA probes our internet defenses every day as if with a bayonet. If it encounters a steel firewall it withdraws and looks elsewhere for mush. These are acts of war against us but successive Administrations allow them to go on, ignoring these broken windows this enemy has inflicted on our homeland, and setting us up for a big fall in the future.

Apparently, the Department of Homeland Security is far more concerned about the financial health of Wall Street than in cracking down on an enemy to which we owe some two trillion dollars. This situation is the result of all the lobbying efforts of the Corporate State to get our government to make nice to the blood drenched butchers of Tiananmen. The first President Bush demonstrated how weak and wimpy he was after the massacre by secretly sending some of his top diplomats, like Brent Scowcroft and Lawrence Eagleburger, to Beijing to assure these criminals that all was ok and their human rights depredations could go on and that we would continue to allow Wall Street's business with China to go on undisturbed.

After 9/11 the next President Bush allowed Beijing to lead us by our nose and to use the Patriot Act against freedom. Beijing wants to prove to the world, especially all the people we are trying to get to support us, that Uncle Sam is not a trustworthy partner. The Patriot Act does not discern between terrorists and freedom fighters. It takes precedence over the CIA in these matters. The CIA used to distinguish between terrorists and freedom fighters according to ideology and the practical importance of promoting freedom.

All during the darkest days of the cold war the CIA maintained stations in the far west of China, in a province now called Xiangjiang but which is historically known to its inhabitants as East Turkestan. This remote region, thousands of miles from the nearest ocean, served as a defense post for our CIA guys, to listen to and observe communications of the Soviet military in central Asia as well as keep a tab on the doings of the PLA.

CIA headquarters in Virginia has a wall within it honoring the names of agency personnel who gave their lives for America all around the world, including in East Turkestan, which is populated by Uighurs (we-gurs.) For five decades beginning in 1950 our people worked in far western China with Uighur patriots to reap this intelligence and help keep alive Uighur hope for a free and independent future. For generations we publicly supported their cause and many Uighurs also gave their lives for our common cause.

But that was before we began owing hundreds of billion$ to Beijing and that was before Wall Street dictated to Washington that we must not upset the delicate Chinese sensibilities about their territorial integrity. Now we are at the point, because of the Patriot Act, of displaying to the world that Uncle Sam is a backstabber who has no long term credibility or courage to stand by his promises.

Because just a few of the thousands of Uighur freedom fighters attended an al-Queda training camp they now must all be considered terrorists and flushed down the toilet of history. Uncle Sam has abandoned the Uighur Muslims to the very red tyranny they so bravely fought against side-by-side with our CIA guys. We refuse to back those who once backed us, and that speaks volumes as to our lack of integrity. Why should anyone else trust us? We need to repeal the Patriot Act and go back to the Bill of Rights.

The whole world now knows we can't be trusted and that includes everyone we are trying to convert to our cause. Beijing is rapidly pursuing a policy of dilution and dismemberment of Uighur culture and since Wall Street believes that this is what Beijing wants then therefore the U.S. government will give it to them gift-wrapped.

The U.S. government obviously hates Muslims and the Islamic world, especially from Turkey, through Turkmenistan, and into East Turkestan, and is shoving that knowledge down their throats at Beijing's behest. The people now know that the United States is neither sincere nor muscular when we respond to the dictates of tyrants while ignoring our own values and history. Soon Beijing will make deep inroads into the oil rich middle east using this very mistrust against us as a weapon in their silent war.

Turkey is becoming a very important bridge between Islam and the West but that bridge is being dynamited by Beijing and Washington every time we sell out more Uighurs.

The United States government lies to us and it lies to our former allies. The FBI frequently prosecutes people for lying to the FBI and they end up serving long prison sentences. Unless the liar's victim is a Muslim. The FBI, for all its attempts, cannot change history. The FBI showed its true, anti-freedom colors shortly after 9/11 when a security guard at a hotel near ground zero brought to the FBI a navigation device that is used to guide aircraft through the skies. He told the FBI he found this device in the room safe of a hotel guest, an Egyptian student staying there while en route to college.

The student was arrested, tortured and held for nearly a year before a licensed American pilot returned to the hotel and inquired about the navigation device he had left in his room safe during the chaos of 9/11. He was able to prove it was his and the security guard admitted he got it from the pilot's room and that the Muslim student had nothing to do with it. The student was released and left the country vowing never to return. The guard got a mere slap on the wrist for his perjury. The FBI, along with its brethren in the CIA, hates Muslims and allows Americans to get away with serious mistreatment of them. This despicable un-American event proves it.

The FBI is politically and professionally corrupt. Another incident that proves the FBI cannot be trusted also occurred at ground zero, but eight years earlier. That was the day some radical Muslims from New Jersey tried to collapse a Twin Tower with a truck bomb in the basement garage. The bomb killed five people, injured a thousand, and caused a billion dollars damage.

Three months earlier, the head judge of New York was harassing and threatening his former girl friend by anonymously sending her young daughter a condom. The woman was terrified but did not trust the NYPD and instead went directly to FBI Director William Sessions, a former Federal judge from Waco, Texas. He and she were personal friends and he did not direct her to the NYPD but instead became personally involved in this case on her behalf.

Director Sessions had gone insane some months earlier around the time of the murders of the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. When Sessions heard of his friend's stalker problem he immediately ordered "dozens" of agents, (according to the NY Times,) to drop what they were doing and spring into action to protect his friend from a fiend. The fiend was found, the chief judge of NY, discovered in New Jersey by New Jersey FBI agents who had been called off other cases to help Session's friend.

We will never know for sure, but it is possible that one of those 24 (or more) agents could have uncovered information that would have prevented the first WTC bombing and saved those lives, since the bomb was built in New Jersey by New Jersey residents. Instead, they were diverted and instructed by Director Sessions to protect his friend from the condom mailing maniac. Tragedy ensued, but Sessions was never prosecuted for misusing FBI resources for personal reasons.

By the time Waco burned, Sessions was a full blown bull goose loony. He appeared on television and proved it. He told Diane Sawyer that the FBI was out to "get" him. His wife told Sawyer that the FBI bugged their bedroom as he nodded helpfully. He rejected the President's offer to resign with dignity and was fired and had to be literally dragged from his office. Sessions had been in the throes of a paranoid breakdown for at least a year but the FBI allowed him to continue to lead it. This is typical of law enforcement; it tries to protect its own at all times, while leaving a bloody trail of dead innocents.

This is also typical of the Chinese government. They now learn American law enforcement techniques and use American technology to oppress their people so they can continue to be held in wage slavery to undercut our workers and facilitate the transfer of American wealth and prosperity to China. Dissidents, who promote democracy there, get killed or imprisoned because of American law enforcement products and methods. Yet more kudos to the Supreme Court! The United States government is no longer the government of We the People but has become the puppet of Them the Creditors. A Revolution would sunder that yoke for all time.

It is not protecting us. It has allowed itself to be led astray by a fire breathing dragon. The government goes where the money is and serves those that have it and is currently the servant of Beijing. Why should We the People put up with this loss of sovereignty? Why are we paying taxes for services we do not receive? The government has no right to side with the rich and the communists against We the People.

The government is using our taxes against us on behalf of the Corporate Police State. The government does not provide for the "general welfare" of We the People but instead, with the connivance of the Supreme Court, builds a police state to keep the rich in power and us in line.

A police state is un-American no matter what rationale the enemies of freedom come up with. The government lied to us about weapons of mass destruction and it lies to us about terrorists in our midst. The fascist mentality is our enemy in chief.

But we still need to protect ourselves from state sponsored terrorism, especially that sponsored by the PLA. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Government agencies that are charged with our protection continue to fail us. Their incompetence allowed 9/11 to happen. Back then they sheepishly admitted that they didn't look "large" enough, that no-one could even imagine an attack on that scale. 9/11 is but a mosquito bite compared with the surprise that the PLA has in store for us.

It is a function of the government to provide for our common defense. It is a failing of government to allow the build up of wealth and military power by the brutal totalitarian government of China. If our government won't protect us from communist state sponsored terrorism then we will have to protect ourselves, as is our right.

A recent survey showed that China is the country "most admired" by the Pakistani people by a margin over the United States of 84% to 16%. There is no tradition of democracy in Pakistan, as there is in India, just corruption and viper pit politics, but we turn over billion$ to them every year and all we get in return is the spectacle of Pakistani protection of terrorists, especially Osama bin Laden.

The Saudi ruling class financed al-Qaeda from the start and the Pakistani ruling class gives them haven. We need to break this cycle of treachery. Just as the Nixon Administration ran a treason cycle which allowed Soviet factory ships (which doubled as spy ships) to over fish and destroy our New England fishing industry, and which financed the Kama River truck plant in the Soviet Union that allowed the Soviets to arm the North Vietnamese army to kill our troops who were trying to preserve the possibility of freedom in the communist world, we are now doing the same for China. When Nixon did it, it was a tragedy. Now that Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama have done the same it is a low farce. Either way it is un-American.

Nixon got his cherished place in history but it cost us our prosperity and our freedom.

It's going to cost us a lot more. Chinese despotism and Wall Street greed have teamed up to run our economy into the dust. Even our environment suffers. China, with a population nearly five times America's stuffed into a landmass slightly smaller, is well on the way to finishing off it's own environment and now our government is allowing it to take bites out of ours.

We are losing forests to feed China's appetite for wood products such as card board and chop sticks. China's culture ignores the need to conserve and the Chinese people are incredibly profligate, especially with their eating utensils. Traditional Chinese culture demands that chop sticks be wooden and that they be discarded after one use. The Chinese people, who now consume three meals a day thanks to trade with us, literally throw away more than four billion chopsticks every day, and these are made from our trees. A single American company gets rich supplying chop sticks while our forests are denuded. Another company gets rich recycling our cardboard so they can package all the things we buy from them. Millions of our trees are killed in service to "free trade", then they airmail us their acid rain which kills even more.

Chinese foreign policy has acted as a series of "cat's paws" ever since the days of Mao. China has a lot of buffers. They use surrogates to secretly advance their interests. China's most important surrogate is Pakistan, which it deploys against democratic India, and also to rob and rape the American people with its hydra-headed foreign policy.

One fact we never see in the corporate controlled media is that a huge portion of the Pakistani military and intelligence community was trained in China and is loyal to that system and speaks Chinese better than American. Pakistan is now owned and operated by Beijing, (for which America pays the bills,) and its military is Beijing's chief cat's paw. The Pakistani military has a cat's paw called the Afghan Taliban which has its own cat's paw, Al-Qaeda. It all traces back to the smoke filled inner sanctums of the Forbidden City. We know this perfectly well but we ignore the facts because that is what Wall Street demands.

Wall Street is perfectly willing to allow Beijing to improve its economy and army because it will profit mightily from the coming arms race with China, with the added benefit of further undercutting our working class. Our working class is the heart of our military. Would any true American claim that those heroes who died for our country over the years died with a fervent desire that their children and grandchildren become second class citizens so that Wall Street could get richer and the US government could safely service China? If the government was honest and competent it would have prevented this situation from arising, but it isn't, so now we must await the gathering storm.

The PLA is showing that it understands the warfare of the future with its probing via the internet of our military secrets and our economic and physical infrastructure. It attacks us this way daily while making its own infrastructure tightly secure. When the time comes it will overwhelm us with massive, coordinated attacks that will shut down much of our country and send us reeling while we bemoan that "we didn't thinks they actually would do it, so that's why we were so unprepared," like we bemoaned after 9/11.

President Reagan won the Cold War with his policy of "trust, but verify," but now our policy seems to be, "trust them because they pay our bills and when the time comes, bemoan with practiced sincerity that we didn't, and couldn't possibly, see it coming."

But we should have anticipated it because the history of humanity is the history of migration and no-one needs outward migration more that the Chinese. Even today, there are more illegal immigrants from China in Russian Siberia, than there are illegal Mexicans in all of our country. (Russia keeps this quiet because its corrupt government can not be seen as ineffectual when it comes to control of its own territory.)

America's traditional guiding principle in these matters has been to "trust in God but keep your powder dry." China is not God so there is no reason what-so-ever to trust these totalitarian butchers or give them any option or opening to gain even more power over us.

The near bankruptcy of our nation means we must do everything possible to reduce our budget deficit, from an outright Revolution that renounces all our debt, to requiring that all defense contractors deliver goods and services to our military at cost and without profit during times of war, to a basic rearrangement of our outmoded forms of warfare.

It is absolutely essential that we recognize that the basic way to win a war is to use our strengths against the enemy's weaknesses. For example, we have been winning the war against terrorists with greatly expanded use of high technology such as drones which do the job with pin point accuracy and just a minute's notice to push the button. The angry shrieking of the Pakistani military since we killed bin Laden is proof of our success and it is also proof of its own duplicity, ostensibly being our ally while harboring our enemies.

We can virtually see enemy leaders and eliminate them without risking the lives of any American personnel. This policy of "decapitating" the enemy works very well and leaves their legions of fighters confused, disorganized and leaderless. Even before we got bin Laden, his network was reduced to recruiting bozos who couldn't even light a match, and the continued use of drones will reduce al-Qaeda to a shattered skeleton of terrorism.

The use of drones, cruise missiles and stealth delivered smart bombs, directed at the seat of government of an enemy, or concentrations of fighters, can eliminate the need for an army altogether because those weapon systems can do the combined jobs of the infantry, cavalry, artillery and armor, and the million troops that we train and maintain at such ongoing expense. We can cut nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars off our annual budget that is now dedicated to operating the Army and not lose a bit of our overall security.

During the Clinton Administration Sadaam Hussein tried to assassinate former President Bush while he was visiting Kuwait, the country he helped liberate. Clinton responded by launching an attack against the headquarters of Sadaam's intelligence agency on a Saturday when there was no-one in the building except janitors. It accomplished nothing but rubble, but it showed how vulnerable potential enemies are when they are concentrated in just a few places where they could easily be destroyed by our superior capabilities, from which they have no defense. They are sitting ducks. Why should we allow our troops to be sitting ducks on the ground facing a determined enemy that practices asymmetric warfare on their own turf?

If we conduct warfare according to our strength there is little reason for our troops to fight on the front line. If we ever need boots on the ground we can use the Marines, which is set up for that. If we need special ops we'll still have the Rangers and the Seals.

The most important and powerful weapon that we can use is not even in our arsenal yet, the enhanced radiation device, also known as the neutron bomb. This is a very effective and inexpensive weapon that was shelved during the Carter Administration, victim of an unholy alliance between the Kremlin and our Defense establishment.

Our defense establishment is joined at the hip to the defense industry, what President Eisenhower called the "military-industrial complex." This Wall Street institution sops up huge amounts of taxpayer cash that we could better use elsewhere. By deploying the neutron bomb we can virtually eliminate forward deployment of ground troops and rely entirely on the Air Force and Navy to wage a quick, cheap, victorious war and get out.

According to Sam Cohen, who invented this weapon while he was working at the Manhattan Project, it is extremely, cheap, easy and effective. One of the ways it could be used, he argued, is to set up an impenetrable barrier, an inexpensive radiation wall, to protect Israel from terrorist infiltration or military attack. Nothing can get through it and survive. And with a judicious placement and daily detonations such a protective wall, it still would be far cheaper than the current system of manpower and binoculars.

The Carter Administration was interested in this weapon to stop cold a Soviet armor blitzkrieg across the plains of northern Europe, which all the assessments at the time said the Soviets would win because they would move so quickly that we could not mount a real response for three days, enough time for them to achieve victory. The only way to stop such an advance, we assumed at the time, was to use conventional nuclear weapons, which would devastate the territories of Germany and France, our allies.

The neutron bomb would accomplish the job without widespread destruction and fallout. The neutron bomb operates without a conventional nuclear explosion, or fireball, or mushroom cloud, or widespread radiation, or fallout, or massive civilian casualties. It seems to be too good to be true.

However, it IS true, it would do all those things cheaply and that was why both our defense industry and our opponents in Moscow were so much against it. Moscow's war plans had counted on a successful invasion based on the understandable reluctance of Western Europe to sustain nuclear destruction of much of its territory.

The neutron bomb was intended to eliminate this threat. It could stop a Soviet tank advance and hit behind the lines to stop reinforcements. The way it worked made it the most humane weapon imaginable and extremely inexpensive to boot. When it went off there was no conventional explosion at all, no shrapnel, no long term or widespread damage, just a sudden burst of intense radiation that permeated the immediate area, up to a mere quarter mile from the point of detonation.

This sudden, intense radiation would kill all living things within a confined radius, especially the soldiers operating the tanks. No amount of lead shielding could save them. The tanks themselves were useless without humans inside them and the surrounding territory, such as towns and other infrastructure, would remain intact. All that the civilians in the area needed to do was just get out of the way. They needed to stay out of the way for a single day by which time all the radiation would dissipate and the people could return to their unconquered, intact homes. And the defending armies wouldn't even have to fight beyond launching the devices.

It's as simple as that.

During the Iraq War the bloodiest fighting occurred during the battle for Falujah where we sustained major casualties. Had we used this weapon there, we wouldn't have lost so many young Americans. Street to street fighting is very costly but with that weapon we could have instructed the civilian population to evacuate town for a day or two and then come back to dispose of the bodies of the enemy fighters, and return to their undamaged homes and businesses.

Such a strategy would eliminate the need for a huge chunk of our military-industrial complex and the corporations and the rich who run them would lose out, big time. Therefore, they entered into a de facto alliance with the enemy by portraying these "miracle" weapons as somehow evil and un-American. The neutron detractors continually claim that these are "nuclear" weapons and are thus banned under various treaties, when they are, in fact, decidedly not nuclear because they don't work at all like conventional nuclear weapons. Indeed, they are a panacea for many of our problems and can help win wars in one fell swoop.

The trick to fighting and winning future wars is to go for concentrations of the enemy, the elites in government at their offices or in their homes whilst they sleep, either with drone strikes, cruise missiles, and, to eliminate concentrations of hostile troops who might become guerilla fighters, use of the enhanced radiation device.

Had we had such a policy in place at the beginning of the Afghan War we could have laid low, spoken softly and awaited the right moment to strike with these big sticks. The Taliban would not have escaped and Afghanistan would have quickly become free, peaceful and happy. If we had blanketed the mountainous Tora Bora area with inexpensive enhanced radiation we could have killed bin Laden and others without actually seeing them or sending ground troops into the valley of death to try to find them.

Had we had such a policy in place at the beginning of the Iraq War we could have laid low, spoken softly and awaited the right moment to strike with these big sticks and kill off the members of Sadaam's inner circle all at once and not needed to put their faces on a deck of cards. We let them disperse instead and that led to the deaths of thousands of young Americans. Our current policy is to maximize the profits of Wall Street, which also maximizes casualties.

Eliminating the army by switching to surgical strikes will save treasure and lives, pure and simple, which, sadly, is totally anathema to the military-industrial complex part of Corporate State. Who cares what these traitors want. We the People need effective, inexpensive national defense, the sooner the better.

The need to eliminate the debt and balance the budget is vital for the reconstruction of our economy and here's a $250,000,000,000 annual savings that does not reduce our national security or war making ability one iota. Look for the Corporate State to oppose this solution tooth and nail.

Afghanistan and Iraq are red herrings created by the PLA to get us off track and weaken us militarily to make their task of making China number one in the world easier and more quickly successful. But what are China's long term goals?

Remember, we got hit on 9/11 because we did not think big enough, we did not take seriously al-Qaeda's desire to harm us because they were so rag-tag and we were so powerful and well trained and equipped. They got in and knocked us for a loop that we still haven't recovered from. The Vietnam syndrome segued into the 9/11 syndrome, but this time the enemy managed to also destroy a big chunk of our Bill of Rights. Unless we get it back, that's a big victory for them dealing us a huge loss of our political and cultural heritage.

Fifty years ago there began a big debate that went on for decades about "who lost China?" and those chickens have come home to roost. General McArthur had wanted to go into China and eliminate that threat forever but the Wall Street politicians over-rode him and now we pay the price.

The history of humanity is the history of migration. Entire civilizations were destroyed by outside invaders who desired their territory and resources. This is an ongoing threat but America thinks it is immune from foreign conquest. We believe this because we are so rich and powerful and well armed and sit behind vast oceans that protect us from possible invaders, but we are stuck in an old way of assessing threats.

The original inhabitants of the Americas also did not correctly assess the threat of the Conquistadors. The Spanish invaded militarily, but their long term victory was made possible because they brought along a little bug that took the fight out of the Aztecs and the Incas. As Europeans they had a built in immunity to small pox but the Indigenous peoples here had no such protection and within a century 95% of them were dead, and the Europeans took over.

That was 500 years ago and the Chinese are uniquely equipped to think in terms of centuries because their civilization is many times older than 500 years. The United States is less than 250 years old and we can barely manage to plan for next year, let alone next century. Our inexperience and overconfidence are our twin Achilles' heels. China understands this.

China covets our land, our water, our agriculture, our technology and our infrastructure. China recognizes that many problems are poised to come down on them, not the least of which is drought and famine caused by the drying up of rivers in its major watersheds due to less winter snow pack and the melting of the glaciers that give rise to them. When the glaciers are gone so will be the water resources of one billion communist souls. They will not import bottled water from us.

The Chinese are extremely bright and are now silently planning to deal with this coming natural catastrophe. They never talk openly about this because their solution to this coming existential problem has to do with us. They know history and they know how the Europeans took over the Western Hemisphere and they can figure out how to save their civilization at the expense of ours'.

They also know that the Europeans and the Japanese are not going to stick their necks out to save us. The PLA has our entire hemisphere in its cross hairs which is not on its conventional military weapons but on new, biological ones. They have laboratories that can manufacture killer viruses that can easily infect humans and spread amongst them and they have state resources of a trillion Western dollars they now own to create and deliver them.

Unlike the smallpox that was accidentally introduced into the Americas, the coming Chinese weapons of mass destruction (WMD) will be scientifically developed, according to the latest technology, to be extremely virulent and easily passed from person to person by casual contact or proximity. There are diseases that can be modified in the laboratory to ruthlessly kill virtually all the people in North and South America and the Caribbean but cannot spread by air across the oceans.

Knowing, for example, that 75 million Americans set foot in a Wal-mart at least once a week, they have a good jumping off point for a scientifically manufactured plague that will effortlessly pass from one person to another in a very short length of time and kill us all in weeks. Huge amounts of Chinese products can be rigged to leak out undetected pathogens in the stores and as long as this virus doesn't get out of this hemisphere the rest of the world is safe, but it will have a new overlord.

To keep the virus "safely" in the Americas the PLA will create a "terrorist" situation to ground all airliners to keep them from transporting the virus to Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. All it needs to do is to place bombs on numerous airliners that will explode simultaneously, causing the entire world fleet to be grounded for enough time to let the virus gain traction and spread unimpeded around the Americas, but only the Americas. After that, countries on other continents will shoot down any plane possibly containing carriers of this disease long before it reaches land.

This virus will be genetically engineered to die when the human host dies so when the PLA arrives for a "clean up" operation, only a few uninfected pockets will remain, easily handled by PLA genocide squads.

Then will come hundreds of millions of Chinese who will be delighted at the living space, and all it contains, that they "inherited." And to placate its new #1 rival, India, China will give South America to the Indians who also will be delighted with all this extra living space.

Beijing will rationalize to the world that 500 years is long enough for European dominance in the Americas and now it is China's turn, and whoever wants to oppose them, "step forward now."

And the history books in the victorious Chinese future will note that America, again, didn't look large enough and anticipate the Chinese appetite for lebensraum, and that our demise was our own fault.

And such a conquest will be our own fault because we gave the means to the Chinese with all the trade and borrowing we do. To nip this threat in the bud, we need to kick China cold turkey and just say "no" to Mao, sooner rather than later.

And we need to seal our borders, or at least search each and every incoming container for biological WMDs and their delivery systems.

We already know that our government won't do this. It had a chance in the Patriot Act to include the requirement that we search for WMDs in each and every container that reaches our shores, but the Republicans in charge at the time feared unions more than terrorists. They believe that the labor intensive searches that would by necessity occur would need thousands of new federal employees who would be likely to organize in a union, and that might reverse years of decline in the numbers of union members and inspire other unions to recruit new members. Republicans would never stand for that.

This is incredible. The government searches our shoes at airports but totally ignores the possibility that large numbers of sophisticated WMDs can slip in unnoticed, hidden deeply within the very products that are being imported.

There used to be a term that was frequently used that referred not to amateur attempts to create havoc, but to high level government attacks against us: State sponsored terrorism. In the sixties and seventies China was one of those nations suspected of such actions. Even today it uses its pawn, Pakistan, as a proxy against India in the disputed border regions and even in major cities such as Mumbai. And for many years it supported the terrorists in Nepal, who called themselves Maoists, or the Maoist Insurgency, which killed thousands before Nepal acquiesced and permitted Maoist entry into the government. The Maoists bragged that they controlled most of the countryside and had "infiltrated" into the cities and culture. (All the while this was happening Beijing yelped about other nations "interference" in its "internal affairs.")

However, our government refuses to call Beijing a supporter of state sponsored terrorism and even asks for help from this murderous regime. This highlight how powerful a weapon debt can be when wielded by ruthless, bloody hands.

Our government won't protect us from the coming China threat because China won't allow it to. Every President since Nixon is known to China as the political reincarnation of Neville Chamberlain. Beijing has grinningly inserted an umbrella to the hilt for the past 40 years.

We must protect ourselves and demand a full scale operation to closely inspect every container entering our ports, regardless of its origin. (China is a master of misdirection.) If the Republicans are afraid of the inspectors becoming unionized, to hell with them. Our national security trumps their power lust. If the Republicans really believe that the American people think it is better to leave ourselves exposed to this secret entry of WMDs than to allow more unionized federal workers, there is a big election coming that will settle that question.

But the election is a half year away. What can we do in self defense until then?

America still has unions, especially in the transportation sector, and one of the most efficient unions is the one representing west coast longshoremen. There there are thousands of sons and daughters of Harry Bridges' boys who can act as sentinels to do what the government refuses, protect We the People from possible terrorist attacks.

These patriots can shut down all the ports with labor inaction until a system is put in place to employ enough inspectors, working around the clock, to ensure that no harm will come to We the People. They can be joined by other longshoremen as well as border guards on the Canadian and Mexican borders to prevent any uninspected container from entering by those routes. And airports will also have to hire more inspectors because there are plenty of shipments of shoes that fly in as well.

Revolution Solution calls upon all longshoremen, truckers, railway engineers, border guards and airport security personnel to hold demonstrations, walkout and strikes to protect the safety of We the People from any and all possible hazards lurking in these containers.

If your unions won't authorize a strike then wildcat! Refuse to move any container until each and every one of them is thoroughly inspected by actual loyal Americans for any WMDs. If the union leadership refuses to help, decertify the unions and create new ones that will do the job our government won't do.

Only you can protect us from the true terrorist threat. Only you can stand up to the PLA and the Communist Party of China. Only you can save America.