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    There is a Wall being built intermittently between the United States and Mexico to prevent illegal immigrants from entering.

    We need to extend this Wall all the way from the Pacific to the Gulf and build a second Wall ten feet further to the north and stock the space between them with alligators and rattlesnakes.

    By thus clamping down on the ability for these migrants to enter the country illegally we will be declaring our independence from the old geo-political folly that America must act as a “safety valve” to prevent a critical mass of abused and under-employed Mexican citizens from engaging in Revolutionary activities against their own ruling class.

    Why should America side with the blood splattered, election stealing, kleptocracy of Mexico and aid in its oppression of millions of the Mexican People?

    The Wall will shut off this safety valve and keep millions out of America and in Mexico where they will inevitably explode in Revolutionary fervor, finally, and allow Mexico to become a middle class nation of hard working People.

    Future generations of liberated Mexicans will laud the Wall as the parent of their prosperity and Democracy.

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